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    05 December 2015, Volume 35 Issue 12
    HBX protein trans-activate gene XTP4 on the suppression of HepG2 cells apoptosis
    2015, 35(12):  1591-1595. 
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    Objective To probe the effects of HBX protein trans-activate gene XTP4 on cell apoptosis of HepG2 cells. Methods The plasmid pcDNA3.1/myc-His (-)A-XTP4 (pXTP4) was constructed, XTP4 gene interference RNA(siRNA) was synthesized Chemically. And then negative control(NC、siNC) were transiently transfected into HepG2 cells respectively.The following experment were carried out post 48 hours.Western blot was used to make sure the overexpression and interference expression of XTP4 protein .Flow cytometry was used to observe cell apoptosis .While Bcl-2、Bax protein were semiquantified by western blot,and then the ratio of Bcl-2 to Bax was caculated. The activities of caspase-3 were detected by caspase-glo 3/7 luminometer respectively. Results The plasmid pXTP4 was successfully constructed,XTP4 protein overexpressed and interferenced . Compared with control group respectively, the number of Annexin V-positive cells was decreased (P<0.05), the ratio of Bcl-2 to Bax upregulated (P<0.05) ,the activity of caspase-3 was reduced in pXTP4(P<0.05).While the number of Annexin V-positive cells was increased (P<0.05),the ratio of Bcl-2 to Bax downregulated (P<0.05), the activity of caspase-3 was increased in siXTP4(P<0.05). Conclusion The apoptosis of HepG2 was suppressed by XTP4,and the possible mechanism may be through the upregulate of Bcl-2/Bax.
    Diallyl Disulfide suppresses the proliferation and invasion of human gastric cancer cell line MGC-803 by down-regulating miR-222
    2015, 35(12):  1596-1600. 
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    Objective: To identify the mechanism related to miRNA pathway which plays a role in the anti-tumor effects of Diallyl disulfide. Methods: Gastric cancer cell line MGC-803 were divided into DADS treatment group, miR-222 mimics group, miR-222 inhibitors group, negative control group; MGC-803 cells were treated With 0, 25, 50, 100, 200, 400μmol/L DADS respectively; miR-222 mimics, miR-222 inhibitors and scramble sequence were transfected in MGC-803 cells respectively. A qRT-PCR was employed for detecting the expression of miR-222 in MGC-803 cells. Western blotting was conducted to detect the expressions of TIMP3 protein in MGC-803 cells. The proliferation and invasion ability of MGC-803 cells in vitro were evaluated by MTT and Transwell invasion assays. Results: miR-222 expression was down- regulated with increasing doses of DADS( P<0. 05); DADS could significantly inhibit MGC-803 cell proliferation and invasion capacity, ectopic expression of miR-222 could significantly promote MGC-803 cell proliferation and invasion capacity. Furthermore, gastric cancer cells treated with combination of DADS and miR-222 inhibitors showed significant inhibition of cell proliferation and invasion than treated with DADS alone( P<0. 05); The level of TIMP3 protein was inhibited by treated with DADS in MGC-803 cells, overexpression of miR-222 resulted in increased TIMP3 protein levels. Furthermore, The level of TIMP3 protein was inhibited treated with combination of DADS and miR-222 inhibitors than treated with DADS when alone in MGC-803 cells( P<0. 05). Conclusion: DADS suppresses proliferation and invasion in human gastric cancer cells through targeting TIMP3 by down-regulation of miR-222.
    Effects of different physiological and pathological conditions on mouse hepatic SDF2L1 gene expression
    2015, 35(12):  1601-1605. 
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    Objective To determine the expression levels of SDF2L1 in mouse liver under different physiological and pathophysiological conditions and to perform SDF2L1 overexpression by using eukaryotic expression system for further functional research. Methods The expression levels of SDF2L1 in mouse liver under different conditions were determined by Real-time PCR. Primers were designed commercially. Total RNA was isolated from the wild type C57BL/6J mouse liver and reverse transcribed to cDNA. The coding sequence of SDF2L1 was amplified by PCR, using the cDNA as template. The product of PCR reaction was purified and inserted into pcDNA4/myc-His vector and then transformed into E.coli competent cells. Expression of recombinant was transfected into 293A cells and identified by SDS-PAGE. Result The fasting or pathological condition lead to decreased expression levels of SDF2L1. The molecular weight of purified plasmid was 5.8kb. The product was 666bp and its sequence was identical to that in wide type SDF2L1. The molecular of the recombinant protein was 26KD. Conclusion Our data suggest SDF2L1 may play a significant role in the regulation of hepatic glucose and lipid metabolism.
    Detection and analysis of mediastinal lymph node metastasis associated genes of lung adenocarcinoma in patients with EGFR sensitive mutations
    2015, 35(12):  1606-1611. 
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    Objective: Using the transcriptome sequencing and bioimformatics methods to identify the mediastinal lymph node metastasis associated genes of lung adenocarcinoma. Methods: Using the transcriptome sequencing method, we detected 10 cases of lung adenocarcinoma samples with EGFR sensitive mutation. Comparing the two groups of the transcriptome expression profiles, Differentially expressed genes (DEGs) were analyzed, bioimformatics methods were used to analyze the role of these genes. q-PCR detected the expression of the upregurated genes in PC-9 cell lines (EGFR sensitive mutation cell lines) . Results: There were 68 DEGS up-regulated and 101 genes down-regulated in the lung adenocarcinoma samples. q-PCR showed that the aboundance of 7 genes(ZNF572,BRPF3,MMACHC and so on.) in upregurated genes was low, nine genes(SMOC1,A1BG,BARX1 and so on.) was moderate, and others was high. Conclusion: TFF3, DUSP6 and other DEGs may be involved in the process of mediastinal lymph node metastasis in lung adenocarcinoma.
    Directional induction of mouse pancreatic stem cells into islet-like structures in vitro
    2015, 35(12):  1612-1616. 
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    Objective To explore the method of induction of pancreatic stem cells into islet-like structures, and to perform the relate measurements. To investigate the techniques and methods to differentiate the pancreas stem cells into the islet-like structure as well as the detection method. Methods Through amplifying pancreas stem cells in the same culture bottle to obtain enough pancreas stem cells. To observe the morphological changes of pancreas stem cells after nicotinamide induction. The cell clusters were preformed with morphological observation, dithizone dyeing, Mallory dyeing and immunohistochemistry staining. Result The pancreas stem cells were in colony distribution, with single big nuclear, refraction shining brilliantly, morphology was stable, nestin and AKP were both positive. After induction, the pancreatic stem cells gathered together and formed cell clusters, packed with intact membrane. The cells in the structures were positive with DTZ staining. With FITC tagging the insulin antibodies, the cells towards the center of the structures were insulin-producing cells of green fluorescence. While after Mallory staining , the structures were dressed into two different colour, in the centre of the cell cluster were faint yellow, periphery of cell cluster were red, the staining of the cell cluster was similar to the natural islets after Mallory staining. Conclusion Pancreatic stem cells could directional be induced into islet-like structures in vitro under appropriate conditions.
    Association of tag SNPs in the ATP2B1 gene with essential hypertension in Han population from Yunnan Province
    2015, 35(12):  1617-1621. 
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    Objective To assess the association of tag single nucleotide polymorphisms (tag SNPs) of plasma membrane calcium transporting ATPase1 (ATP2B1) gene with essential hypertension (EH) in Han population from Yunnan. Methods A case-control study was carried out. Twelve tag SNPs (rs10506974, rs10506975, rs2854371, rs957525, rs3741895, rs2681472, rs2070759, rs12423192, rs1050395, rs11105357, rs11105358 and rs7975689) and rs17249754 near the ATP2B1 gene were genotyped in 510 patients with EH and 510 healthy controls using polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism method (PCR-RFLP). Results The genotype and allele distributions of rs17249754 between the case subjects and controls had significant difference (P<0.01), and Logistic regression analysis showed that AA genotype and A allele reduced the risk of EH (OR=0.60, 95%CI 0.40~0.89, P<0.05; OR=0.73, 95%CI 0.60~0.88, P<0.01). Conclusions The rs17249754 near the ATP2B1 gene can be considered as a genetic marker for EH and A allele may be a protective factor for EH in Han population.
    Correlation between type 2 diabetes and DNA methylation and mRNA expression of APN, TNF-α and MCP-1 in abdominal adipose tissues in Xinjiang Uygur population
    2015, 35(12):  1622-1627. 
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    Objective To investigate the relationship between type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) onset and mRNA expression and promoter methylation of adiponectin (APN) , tumor necrosis factor alpha(TNF-α), monocyte chemotactic cytokines protein 1 (MCP-1) gene in abdominal adipose tissues of Xinjiang Uygur population. Methods The abdominal adipose tissue of Uyghur subjects were collected and divided into normal control group (NC, n= 50), obesity group(Ob, n = 48)and T2DM group( n = 26).The status of DNA methylation was detected by denaturing high performance liquid chromatography and the mRNA level was detected by real time-PCR. Results Compared the methylation positive rate in the NC, Ob and T2DM group, the result showed that APN was in turn increased (P<0.05); TNF-α was in turn decreased (P<0.01);.The of APN in control group was significantly higher than that of obesity and T2DM groups, while the relative mRNA level of TNF-α and MCP-1 in control group was significantly higher than that of obesity and T2DM groups(P<0.05).The mRNA expression of APN was significantly negative correlated with BMI, DBP, FPG, TG, LDL(P<0.05); The mRNA expression of TNF-α was significantly positive correlated with BMI, FPG, TG (P<0.05); The mRNA expression of MCP-1 was significantly positive correlated with body weight, BMI and waist circumference(P<0.05). DNA methylation of APN was significantly negative correlated with the mRNA expression level of APN (P < 0.01), and was was significantly positive correlated with plasma level of FPG, TC, TG and LDL (P<0.05); DNA methylation of TNF-α was significantly negative correlated with the mRNA expression level of TNF-α, BMI, FPG, TC, TG and LDL. Conclusion the different expression of APN, TNF-α and MCP-1 gene in abdominal adipose tissue may be a reason for the obesity and T2DM in the Xinjiang Uyghur population; In addition, the glucose and lipid metabolic disorder may result in DNA methylation, and then affect the mRNA expression of APN and TNF-α.
    Axl and Mer receptors regulate erythropoiesis in mice
    2015, 35(12):  1628-1632. 
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    Objective To study whether the Axl and Mer receptors are involved in the regulation of erythroid differentiation. Methods Single and double mutant mice for AXL and MER were used in the study. Histological sections of bone marrows, livers and spleens, cellularity of bone marrow, hematologic parameters, and the expression of erythroid factors were analyzed to evaluate the function of Axl and Mer in erythropoiesis. Results Histological analysis showed that the sinusoids in wild-type bone marrows were filled with red blood cells, whereas those in the AXL–/–MER–/– bone marrows were largely empty and contained fewer red blood cells. The number of the total cells, the nuclearted cells and the red blood cells in an AXL–/–MER–/– femur were decreased. A compensatory extramedullary erythropoiesis occurred in AXL–/–MER–/– mice. The hematopoietic islands appeared in the liver, and the red pulp is expanded in the spleen. Mice lacking single AXL or MER exhibited normal erythropoiesis in steady-state conditions. The relative mRNA levels of EpoR and GATA-1 were significantly down-regulated in AXL–/–MER–/– erythroid cells. Conclusion Axl and Mer receptors may influence erythropoiesis through the regulation of GATA-1 and EpoR expression in erythroid cells.
    The effect of miR-95 on invasion and migration of colon cancer cell line SW620 and its mechanism
    2015, 35(12):  1633-1639. 
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    Objective: To explore the effect of small molecule noncoding RNA(miRNA-95) on the invasion and migration ability of colon cancer SW620 cell line and its mechanism.Methods: The SW620 cells were infected by miR-95 interference lentivirus.The expression of miR-95 mRNA was confirmed by quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction.Transwell chambers, scrath test were conducted to detect the ability of cell invasion,migration among each group;and MTT method was used to detect the intercellular adhesion of homogeneous and heterogeneous cells;Western blot was used to detect the expression of EMP1,VEGFC and MMP2 proteins.Results: After the infection of SW620 with miR-95 interference lentivirus for 72h,significangt fluorescence expression was observed.Compared with empty virus group and ccontrol group,the expression of miR-95 was decreased in transfection group (P<0.05);The invasion and migration ability weakened (P<0.05);the intercellular adhesion ability of homogeneous cells increased (P<0.05);the intercellular adhesion ability of heterogenous cells decreased (P<0.05).The expression of EMP1 protein in transfection group was obviously higher,VEGFC ,MMP2 protein significangtly lower (P<0.05).Conclusion: miR-95 may promote the invasion and migration ability of SW620 cells,its may be achieved by EMP1,VEGFC,MMP2.
    Expression of FcγRⅡa induced by Antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody is related with cytokines
    2015, 35(12):  1640-1644. 
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    Objective To investigate antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody resulting in antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated vasculitides by influencing the expression of FcγRⅡa in the cell membrane. Methods Human neutrophils were stimulated by different concentration serum (anti-myeloperoxidase antibody positive and anti-proteinase 3 positive), healthy human serum as control. Flow cytometry was used to detect the expression of FcγRIIa in the neutrophil membrane. FcγRIIa were analyzed by Western blots. Reactive oxygen species(ROS) production was measured by chemiluminescence technique in the presence of 10 mM luminol. Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) was applied to detect the level of serum cytokines TNF-α, IL-6, anti-myeloperoxidase antibody and anti-proteinase 3. Results With the decrease of serum concentration, fluorescence intensity of FcγRIIa expression, the expression of FcγRIIa, ROS generation and secretion of cytokines TNF-α and IL-6 reduced(P<0.05). Conclusion Anti-myeloperoxidase antibody and anti-proteinase 3 antibody maybe play a role in mediating ROS, TNF-α and IL-6 levels through FcγRIIa, and induce the generation of antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody associated vasculitis.
    Association between NBS polymorphisms and breast cancer in north Chinese
    2015, 35(12):  1645-1647. 
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    Objective To investigate the mutations and polymorphisms of NBS in breast cancer in north Chinese. Methods Direct sequencing analysis of 205 normal control and 188 breast cancers. Result There is no NBS gene mutation was detected in breast cancer patients. Four major NBS polymorphisms were detected, and D399D of NBS gene was significantly associated with risk of breast cancer. Comparing to D399D AA genotype, AG and GG genotype was associated with substantially increased risk of breast cancer in north Chinese (odd ratio = 2.34 and 1.93, 95% confidence interval = 1.34-4.07 and 0.93-4.02, respectively). Conclusion Current evidence suggests that NBS polymorphism D399D might contribute to the risk for breast cancer in north Chinese.
    Expression of circulating microRNA-24 in patients with HBV infection and relative mechanisms
    2015, 35(12):  1648-1652. 
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    Objective To detect the expression of circulating microRNA-24 (miR-24) in patients with hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection, and investigate the relationship between miR-24 expression and HBV infection and the mechanisms. Methods Clinical information and laboratory date from 45 patients with HBV infection and 22 health normal controls were collected. qRT-PCR was used to detect the expression of miR-24 in patients with HBV infection and health normal controls. ELISA was used to detect the contents of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) and hepatitis B E antigen (HBeAg). After the HepG2.2.15 cell was transfected with miR-24 mimic for 48 hours, the expression of miR-24 was analyzed by qRT-PCR. ELISA was used again to investigate the contents of HBsAg and HBeAg. And qRT-PCR was used to detect the expression of Pre-Core HBV RNA. Results The expression of circulating miR-24 in patients with HBV infection was significantly lower than that of in health normal controls (p<0.01). The contents of HBsAg and HBeAg in HepG2.2.15 were significantly higher than those of in HepG2. The expression of miR-24 was higher in HepG2.2.15 after transfected with miR-24 mimic for 48 hours. MiR-24 decreased the contents of HBsAg and HBeAg (p<0.01), and inhibited the expression of Pre-Core HBV RNA (p<0.05) in HepG2.2.15 cell, respectively. Conclusion The expression of miR-24 in patients with HBV infection was down regulated. Treatment based on the enhanced expression of miR-24 may be a promising strategy for HBV infection.
    Improving the management level of clinical pathway by earned value technique
    2015, 35(12):  1653-1658. 
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    Objective According to various problems of the current clinical pathway, this study discusses a method to measure the performance of the clinical pathway.Methods The earned value management technique is introduced into the clinical pathway, and the specific items of the 2 type diabetes patients are assigned to the EV, AC and PV of the earned value management.Result A comprehensive analysis of the earned value management of the performance indicators, the final recovery trend of the type 2 diabetic patients were predicted, can be discharged in advance of 1 days.Conclusion Using this method to monitor the implementation of clinical pathway, it can effectively evaluate the clinical effect of patients in clinical pathway and predict its development trend. And it has a very important reference function to improve the management level of clinical pathway.
    Application of cryopreserved valved homograft conduit in the treatment of pulmonary atresia
    2015, 35(12):  1659-1662. 
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    Objective To observe the outcomes of the treatment of pulmomary atresia with ventricle septum defect utilizing the cryopreserved valved homograft conduits in pulmonary atresia patients. Methods Cryopreserved valved homograft conduits were implanted from October 2005 to May 2014 in 17 patients with diagnosis of pulmonary atresia with ventricle septum defect (male/female 10/7) in the age range 1year–16 years, median 6.4 years. The weight of patients was 8kg to 50kg, median 21.6kg. The hemoglobin was 127~218 g/L, median 175.3 g/L.Oxygen saturation of extremity was 0.60~0.90,median 0.78. 7 had B-T shunt for palliation and 3 had unifocalization operation. The time from primary operation was 7 months to 3.5 years, median 2.1 years. All of patiens had cyanosis. Cryopreserved pulmonary homograft conduits were implanted in 11 patients, and aortic homograft conduits were implanted in 3 patients. Average conduit size was 22.1mm. Routine electrocardiogram, transthoracic echocardiography and chest radiography was performed to assess the degree of pulmonary insufficiency and stenosis at 3 months, and then every 6-12 months postoperatively. Results  Early death occurred in 1case. The patient is a 1-year girl, 8kg. Her diagnosis is pulmonary atresia with ventricle septum defect, patent ductus ateriosus, patent foramen ovale. Left ventricle is dysplasia and there is narrow at the beginning of left pulmonary atery. She died of low cardiac output syndrome 24 hours postoperatively. one patient had to be implanted a permanent pacemaker because of complete atrioventricular heart block 30 days after operation. Sixteen cases discharged. The mean follow-up period was 4.5years (range, 6 months to 8.5 years). During the follow- up, echocardiography showed moderate pulmonary valvular regurgitation in 1 patient and moderate tricuspid valvular regurgitation in 2patients. Fifteen patients did not show obvious pulmonary insufficiency. Gradient pressure of pulmonary vavle was 64mmHg and 58 mmHg at the 5th and 7th year after operation respectively in two patients. No late death occurred. No cryopreserved valved homograft conduit needs to replacement in 16 patients Conclusion  Cryopreserved valved homograft conduit may provide a reliable option for reconstruction of right ventricle outflow tract in patients with pulmonary atresia. It shows excellent early results in preventing pulmonary insufficiency.
    The mechanism and therapy of myocardical ischemia reperfusion injury
    2015, 35(12):  1666-1671. 
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    As we know, calcium overload, oxidative stress, apoptosis and autophagy can induce myocardial ischemia reperfusion injury(MIRI).In addition, microRNAs, TLRs and other molecules also play an important role in MIRI. These mechanisms contact and interact with each other. The treatment of MIRI is no longer medication singly. Ischemic preconditioning, new drugs targeted small molecules, gene therapy and other new measures gradually go from bench to bedside.
    The pleiotropic function of p53
    2015, 35(12):  1672-1676. 
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    P53 is involved in drug-resistance of carcinoma cells from multiple profiles, of which P53 improves drug-sensitivity in carcinoma cells through arresting cell cycle progression and inducing cellular apoptosis. Some special situations such as drug damages, external stresses and so on result in P53 activation, which might mediates drug-tolerance of carcinoma cells and inhibition of cellular apoptosis. Mutant P53 or disorder of P53, is also closely associated with promoting drug-tolerance of carcinoma cells. Besides above mentioned, the function of P53 mediated the resistance of tumor cells to drugs is probably flipped. P53 mediated the regulation of drug resistance in different carcinoma cells substantially presents a variety of possibilities.
    Advances in Sestrins expression regulation,and its role in metabolic diseases and aging
    2015, 35(12):  1677-1681. 
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    Sestrins constitue the protein family which are evolutionarily consvered and stress inducible,they suppress the oxidative stress and regulate adenosine monophosphate-dependent protein kinase (AMPK)- mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) signaling and protect cells and organisms from stress and age-related physiological abnormalities.Hypoxia and ATP deficiency induce Sesn2 expression.Sestrins regulation of blood sugar homeostasis is physiologically impotant.Sestrins also contribute to the attenuation of aging and suppression of age-associated diseases.
    Lipoprotein (a) and cardio-cerebrovascular disease
    2015, 35(12):  1682-1685. 
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    Plasma lipoprotein (a) is an important risk factor for cardio-cerebrovascular disease. Levels of lipoprotein (a) in plasma show widely heterogeneity, and the pathogenic risk of lipoprotein (a) is associated with apolipoprotein (a) gene polymorphism and phenotypic polymorphism. However, there are lack of effective therapy drugs and methods to lowing the lipoprotein (a) levels, but it is undeniable that lipid-lowering therapy is of great benefit to reduce the risk of the development of cardio-cerebrovascular disease.
    Progress in mechanism of IKKε promoting the development of metabolic diseases
    2015, 35(12):  1686-1690. 
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    IKKε known as a new IκB kinase(IKK)-related kinases play a vital role in regulating inflammation, innate immune response and oncogenesis through the activation of non-canonical NF-κB and IRF signaling cascades. Meanwhile, the role involved in the pathophysiology of metabolic diseases have gradually been found. IKKε have been closely linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes(T2DM)and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease(NAFLD)through the mechanism including producing inflammation, aggravating insulin resistance and effecting energy expenditure as well as andipokines secretion.
    Chemerin and hypertension
    2015, 35(12):  1691-1694. 
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    Adipose tissue can not only store energy, but also can secrete adipocytokines regulating metabolism. The novel adipokine, chemerin, is involved in the development of the metabolic syndrome, and closely associated with hypertension, which may be participated in the development of hypertension through a variety of mechanisms.
    Research progress in mechanisms of gout
    2015, 35(12):  1695-1699. 
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    Gout is a disease characterized by recurrent attacks of acute inflammation which triggered by interactions between endogenous monosodium urate (MSU) crystals and the local tissue environment. The mechanism by which MSU crystals activate pro-in?ammatory cells involves several signal pathways. It is described that MSU crystals could bind to Toll-like receptors. MSU crystals may also interact with cholesterol on plasma membranes. Moreover, MSU crystals phagocytosis play a critical role for the development of acute inflammation. Recent work has implicated the activation of NLRP3 in?ammasome is the core step of acute inflammation.
    New challenges and solutions of influenza vaccine
    Wei QIN
    2015, 35(12):  1700-1704. 
    Asbtract ( 126 )   PDF (621KB) ( 480 )  
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    Vaccination can reduce illness and lessen severity of infection. This review focuses on how currently licensed influenza vaccines are generated, such as inactivated influenza vaccine, live attenuated influenza vaccine, and recombinated HA vaccine, and explain why the biology of new influenza virus poses vaccine challenges which include long production cycles, and emerge of novel influenza virus and immunosenescence in the elderly. Vaccine approaches on the horizon that address these challenges.
    Research progress on vitamin D3 and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
    2015, 35(12):  1705-1708. 
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    Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is recognized as the most severe form of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), with likely progression to liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. Vitamin D3 (VD3) has been shown to act as anti-oxidant, anti-apoptotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic compound in rodents. VD3 supplementation partly ameliorated the NASH progression. VD3 can be an effective approach for the intervention in clinical NASH.
    Application of tutorial system based teaching method in the practical teaching of cardiovascular intern
    2015, 35(12):  1709-1711. 
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    Cardiovascular system, the key of internal medicine, is a clinical system with a variety of diseases and clinical manifestations. Any single teaching method is very difficult to fulfill the actual teaching work. "Tutorial system" can cultivate students' innovation ability, research ability, interpersonal skills, etc. The present paper illustrates how to combine the "tutorial system" with LBL, PBL and CBL teaching method in the practical teaching of cardiovascular intern. The organic combination and well clinical application may further improve the teaching quality of cardiovascular intern.
    Talking about basic medical courses teaching reform based on the integration of teaching of anesthesia physiology and physiology
    2015, 35(12):  1712-1714. 
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    Anesthesia physiology is the compulsory foundation course for anesthesiology professional, and there is most content repetition with physiology course. The integration of teaching of anesthesia physiology and physiology course is beneficial to reducing period, strengthen the continuity of knowledge, cultivate the students' learning ideas and comprehensive practice ability, which play a demonstration role to integrated mode and teaching reform of basic medical course for anesthesiology, clinical medicine, and so on.
    Development and establish a "competency-based" clinical evaluation system to address the aim of “examination promotes learning”
    2015, 35(12):  1715-1717. 
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    In order to carry out the cultivating model reform of 8-year clinical medicine program, a system of "competency-based" clinical evaluation is established in Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) to achieve the aim of “examination promotes learning and teaching”. This system was established gradually since 2003, including the entrance examination to graduate examination. This article described the evaluation system and analyzed its advantages.
    Correlation investigate of mental health status for top-up students specialized in nursing
    2015, 35(12):  1718-1721. 
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    Objective To investigate the present status on mental health of the working nurses under academic credentials education and analyze its influential factors. Methods 258 working nurses under academic credentials education in three grades of PLA General hospital were included. Self-rating anxiety scale (SAS) and self-rating depression scale (SDS) were applied and demographics parameters of the nurses were evaluated. Data were analyzed using descriptive analysis, correlation analysis, t test and Chi-Square Test. Results The mean score of our study group of anxiety was 48.9±15.2 and the mean depression score was 52.79±14.2. The anxious and depressive level of the study group were higher than that of normal people and clinical nurses who were not under under academic credentials education, the anxious level was related with grade. Conclusions The emotional management and mental health of working nurses under further education should be noticed.
    The comparison on teaching effects of second class teaching in basic medical courses
    2015, 35(12):  1722-1725. 
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    Objective To investigate the teaching effects of second class teaching in basic medical courses. Methods 85 undergraduate students from Capital Medical University who involved in second class teaching (21~23 years old) participated in this study and were divided into 3 groups: the students from the basic medical science (Group A, n=23), the students from the 7-year clinical medicine (Group B, n=22) and the students from the 5-year clinical medicine (Group C, n=40). The interviewees were asked to finish The Questionnaire of Teaching Effects of Second Class Teaching in Basic Medical Courses (for students). Results As for the evaluation of students for the teachers teaching, the students of group A (90.3±2.6) and C (89.5±3.7) were more satisfied with ‘the teachers’ guiding’ than that of group B (82.7±13.6) (P<0.05). For students’ achievement, group B obtained more in ‘selecting research project’ (90.0±5.7) than group A (84.3±8.0) and group C (87.8±8.4)(P<0.05). While group C obtained more in ‘collecting materials’ (91.3±7.3) than group A(80.9±7.9) and group B(82.7±17.0) (P<0.05), and their ‘ability of communication and expression’ (88.5±7.9) was improved more than the other two groups (group A:83.3±7.8; group B:86.4±7.6) (P<0.05). Conclusion Students were satisfied with the second class teaching overall; students became more independence in science research and got promoted in communication during this process. The more they participated in science research, the more they could benefit from it.
    Application of cluster management to improve the teaching quality of medical students in department of urology
    2015, 35(12):  1726-1729. 
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    Objective To explore the effect of cluster management on the teaching education quality of medical students when they first got into the department of urology. Method Through the study of 312 medical students in clinical department of urology, the use of the cluster management into the entrance Department education content ,rules and time management ,and through the comparison of two groups of teaching effect .Result The necessity ,content, environment and the demand of the department with cognitive performance has been improved significantly (P<0.05),after the cluster management implementation into the education of medical students in entrance department education. The use of teaching evaluation system, teaching results have differences, there is statistical significance .Conclusion Cluster management idea to the entrance education, can improve the quality of teaching in the Department of propaganda ,better help medical students completed the role transformation , and establish he medical confidence.
    Application of schedule management in hospital information system construction
    2015, 35(12):  1730-1734. 
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    As an important part of project management, Schedule management plays a decisive role in the success of the project. On the basis of analyzing the current hospital information system characteristics and process of weak situation,the application of project schedule management in the process of hospital information system implementation is described in detail. To introduce the idea of process into the Schedule management. Including how to carry out the activity definition, activity ranking, activity resource estimation, activity duration estimation, develop schedule and how to implement the progress control. And in the process of scientific use of project management method and technology to guide the construction of information systems project, thus the effective management and control of project progress, to ensure the project on schedule according to the quality of the completion.