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    05 June 2015, Volume 35 Issue 6
    Microarray data analysis of gender related gene expressions in obesity
    2015, 35(6):  723-728. 
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    Objective Studying the gender differences showing in the genes expression of obesity by bioinformatics methods . Methods The gene expression profiles downloading from Gene Expression Omnibus were analysis by Qlucore Omics Explorer and DAVID ,then the protein-protein interaction network was built by the data extracted from the data set Molecular INTeraction database (MINT). Results There were 99 different expression genes up-regulated and 79 genes down-regulated in obese female while the number of obese male group were 39 and 23. The GO terms were found to be more complex in the obese female group. And there was also a discrepancy between the hub-nodes of protein-protein interaction networks of female and male groups in which FYN and PDIA3 were important for each group. Conclusion Our studies indicated that the different profiling of the gene expression may lead to the different mechanisms of obesity in different gender. And the two genes, FYN and PDIA3, may have the importance for the next study.
    Expression of Fcγ and Fcε receptor on mouse trigeminal ganglions
    2015, 35(6):  729-733. 
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    Objective To investigate the expression of Fcγ and ε receptor on mouse trigeminal ganglions and the expression change f neuronal Fcγ and ε receptor in allergy. Methods Allergy model in mouse was induced by intraperitoneal injection of OVA and Alum. ELISA was applied to identify the level of the serum total IgE in the na?ve and allergic mouse. Western blotting and immunofluorescence were employed to detect the expression and the change of Fcγ and ε receptor on na?ve and allergic mouse trigeminal ganglions. Results Fcγ and ε receptor were expressed on mouse trigeminal ganglions. The FcγRI, the IgG high-affinity activating receptor, and FcγRII that is the low-affinity inhibitory receptor FcγRII were only expressed on trigeminal ganglions neurons, but the IgG low-affinity activating receptor FcγRIII were only expressed on the satellite glial cells, not neurons of mouse trigeminal ganglions. The only IgE high-affinity activating receptor FcεRI was just expressed on trigeminal ganglions neurons, but the IgE low-affinity receptor FcεRII was expressed on neurons and satellite glial cells of trigeminal ganglions. Compare with na?ve mouse, the level of serum total IgE and the FcεRI and FcγRII protein of trigeminal ganglions were increased in allergic mouse. But the protein levels of trigeminal ganglions FcεRII and FcγRI were decreased in allergic mouse. The expression of FcγRIII was no significantly difference between na?ve mouse and allergic mouse trigeminal ganglions. Conclusion Fcγ and ε receptor on mouse trigeminal ganglions may involve in the allergic desease.
    Allergy-related airborne pollen in Beijing urban area
    2015, 35(6):  734-738. 
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    Objective To observe the species, amount changes of airborne pollen over the last 30 years in Beijing City. To find the meteorological factors affecting the amount of airborne pollen. To investigate the relationship between pollen amount and the incidence of pollinosis. Methods Daily airborne pollen monitoring was performed by gravitational method in Beijing from 2010 to 2013, and compared to the result during 1983 to 1986. Correlational analyses were conducted on the pollen amount and its related meteorological factors data (temperature, humidity, wind speed, sunshine duration, precipitation) in 1983~1986 and 2010~2013. We also analyzed the correlation between the daily mean pollen amount and the incidence of pollinosis in 2013. Results Compared with the 1980's, there was a wider range and higher amount of airborne pollens in Beijing now. The cupressaceae pollen has displaced artemisia pollen as the most common pollen type in this city, however the ginkgo tree pollen was the fastest growing pollen type. Throughout the year, there were two pollen amount peaks in Beijing City: from mid Mar to late Apr, from late Jul to late Sep. The pollen amount was positively associated with the temperature and the sunshine duration. The count of artemisia pollen, humulus pollen were negatively associated with the wind speed. The incidence of pollinosis was significantly and positively correlated with the the pollen amount in the same phases. Conclusion Following the time moving on and the urban development, the types and amounts of allergy-related pollen in Beijing have changed much, and led to a corresponding change to the allergen spectrum of allergy sufferers.
    Metallothionein decreases the expression of GRP78 and CHOP proteins to reduce hepatocyte apoptosis of arsenic poisoning rats
    2015, 35(6):  739-743. 
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    Objective To study the function of GRP78 and CHOP in the process of reducing arsenic poisoning rat’s hepatocyte apoptosis by metallothionein.Methods Established the model of NaAsO2-induced liver injury and treatment with MT for two weeks.The apoptosis of hepatic cell was detected by TUNEL.The expression of GRP78 and CHOP protein in each group was detected by immunohistochemistry and western blotting.Results Compared with normal rats, the apoptosis and the expression of GRP78 and CHOP protein of hepatic cells in the model group were significantly increased (P<0.05). Compared with the model group,the apoptosis and the expression of GRP78 and CHOP protein of hepatic cells in the treatment group with MT were significantly reduced (P<0.05).Conclusion MT may be reduce arsenic poisoning rat’s hepatocyte apoptosis by decreasing GRP78 and CHOP protein expression.
    MicroRNA-144~ 451 gene cluster promotes erythroid differentiation
    2015, 35(6):  744-748. 
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    Objective To study the roles of microRNA-144~451 gene cluster during erythroid differentiation of K562 cells. Methods The expression of microRNA-144 and microRNA-451 during K562 erythroid differentiation was detected by quantitative RT-PCR. The occupancy and regulation of transcription factors GATA-1 and EKLF on microRNA-144~451 gene was investigated by chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) and quantitative PCR. K562 cells were transfected with the microRNA-144 or microRNA-451 mimics, respectively. The effects of over-expression of microRNA-144 or microRNA-451 on erythroid differentiation were examined by benzidine staining and quantitative RT-PCR. Western blot was performed to detect the level of erythroid antagonist GATA-2 upon miRNA over-expression. Results microRNA-144 and microRNA-451 were up-regulated during K562 erythroid differentiation. Erythroid transcription factors GATA-1 and EKLF reside and activate microRNA-144~451 gene expression. Over-expression of microRNA-144 or microRNA-451 in K562 cells accelerates its erythroid differentiation. GATA-2 was inhibited by microRNA-144 and microRNA-451 in erythroid cells. Conclusion the microRNA-144~451 gene cluster was activated by GATA-1 and EKLF, and regulated erythroid differentiation of K562 cells via repressing GATA-2.
    Bioinformatic analysis of genes related to type 2 diabetes mellitus
    2015, 35(6):  749-753. 
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    Objective To investigate the genes associated with type 2 diabetes and explore the molecular mechanism of type 2 diabetes. Methods The microarray data of type 2 diabetes were downloaded from the Gene Expression Omnibus(GEO) database Qlucore Omics Explorer software was used to screen differentially expressed genes. The further analysis of differentially expressed genes were comducted by the on-line tools STRING, DAVID. Results Of all the 89 differentially expressed genes, 67 genes were of overexpression, 22 genes were underexpressed. These genes were involed in the biological process and molecular function of oxidation reduction, glucose metabolic process, phosphorylation, cytoskeletal protein binding, nucleotide binding. Conclusion We demonstrate that CDK9, TXN and NDUFS8 may be the potential therapeutic targets through the bioinformatic analysis, which needs a further study together with molecular experiments.
    LIN28B maintains the stemness of cancer stem cells in MCF-7 cell line via regulating miRNAs
    2015, 35(6):  754-760. 
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    Objective To investigate the effect of LIN28B on maintaining the stemness of cancer stem cells in MCF-7 breast cancer cell line. Methods LIN28B was instantaneously overexpressed in MCF-7 cells (LIN28B-MCF-7). The expression of stemness related genes in both mRNA and protein level were detected by either qPCR or western blot; the proportion of CD44high /CD24low cells was quantitated by flow cytometry;tumorsphere forming ability was analyzed by in vitro experiment; the differential expression of miRNAs either in LIN28B overexpression cells or wild type cells were detected by miRNA-sequencing or real-time PCR . The ability of tumorspheres forming was detected after transfecting miRNA mimics. Results The expression of LIN28B was significantly increased in MCF-7 cells that transfected p-CMV6-LIN28B (P<0.001) . The expression of either mRNA and protein of SOX2, NANOG, c-Myc and OCT4 were up-regulated (P<0.05) ; the proportion of CD44high/CD24low cells was increased from 1.71% to 11.60% (P<0.05); the number of tumorspheres were significantly improved (P<0.01) in LIN28B-MCF-7 cells; 16 miRNAs of differential expression were found by miRNA-sequencing in LIN28B-MCF-7 cells comparing to wild type cells. The proportion of CD44high/CD24low cells was increased from 1.14% to 3.59% (P<0.05), and the ability of tumorsphere forming was significantly increased in MCF-7 cells after transfecting miR-92b-5p mimic (P<0.01). Conclusion It is suggested that LIN28B maintance the stemness of cancer stem cells by regulating miRNAs in MCF-7 cell line.
    SIRT1 inhibits related protein expression of endoplasmic reticulum stress in myocardial ischemic/reperfusion by activation of ERK1/2 pathway in rat
    2015, 35(6):  761-766. 
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    Objective To investigate the role silent information regulator 1 on endoplasmic reticulum dependent apoptosis pathway induced by myocardial ischemic reperfusion and the relationship with ERK1/2 pathway.Methods rats were divided into 6 groups:Control group,ischemic/reperufuison group,resverotrol treatment group, resverotrol plus EX527(1μg/kg) treatment group, resverotrol (10mg/kg)plus PD98059 (0.3mg/kg) treatment group,PD98059 treatment group,each group n=12.The myocardial I/R injury model in rats was established by ligating left anterior descending coronary artery.TUNEL method was used to detect myocardial apoptosis; Colorimetric method was used to measure LDH and CK-MB activity.qRT-PCR was used to detect the myocardial mRNA expression of GRP78,caspase-12 and CHOP; The protein expression of sirt1,caspase-12,CHOP, phosphor-ERK1/2 and total ERK1/2 were measured by westernblot.Results compared with I/R group,the myocardial cell apoptosis index ,LDH and CK-MB activity ,mRNA expression of GRP78,caspase-12,CHOP and the protein expression of caspase-12,CHOP were decreased while the protein expression of SIRT1 and phosphor-ERK1/2 were increased in resveratrol treatment group .Then treated with SIRT1 inhibitor EX527 in Res+EX+I/R group the increase or decrease result of those index were conteracted compared with Res+I/R group. Conclusion SIRT1 can protect heart from ischemic reperfusion injury through inhibiting ER-dependent apoptosis protein expression,the mechanism of which is partly has some relationship with ERK1/2 pathway activation.
    Tauroursodeoxycholic acid alleviates TGF-β1-induced pulmonary fibrosis phenotype in MRC-5 cells
    2015, 35(6):  767-771. 
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    Objective To investigate the prophylactic and therapeutic effects of tauroursodeoxycholic acid (TUDCA) on transforming growth factor-β1 (TGF- β1)-induced fibrosis in MRC-5 cells. Methods Establish TGF-β1-induced MRC-5 pulmonary fibrosis model. Determine cytotoxicity of TUDCA on MRC-5 cells by MTS. Real-time PCR and Western Blot were applied to quantify the expression of fibrosis biomarker α-SMA and fibronectin. Results 1) TUDCA was well tolerated by MRC-5 cells. 2) TUDCA was able to significantly alleviate the expression of α-SMA and fibronectin induced by TGF-β1 in MRC-5 cells. Conclusion TUDCA alleviates TGF-β1-induced pulmonary fibrotic phenotype in MRC-5 cells.
    Investigation of digestive system damage of residents in areas polluted by hexavalent chromium
    2015, 35(6):  772-775. 
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    Objective To investigate the residents’ health status of digestive system in hexavalent chromium contaminated areas. Methods 2473 residents in Jinzhou were randomly selected from three villages near an alloy plant with 50 years of hexavalent chromium pollution by cluster sampling. The three villages are seriously polluted, slightly polluted and unpolluted areas, respectively. A questionnaire-based survey was conducted. Results According to the pollutant level from heavy to light, the total prevalence of the digestive system symptoms (nausea, emesis, dyspepsia, diarrhea, stomachache, gastro spasm, erosion of angulus oris) in the three study areas was 36.08%, 8.23% and 0.73% successively, and the prevalence of liver and gall diseases was 2.78%, 1.51% and 1.16% successively, and the prevalence of peptic ulcer was 1.14%, 0.50% and 0.29% successively. The more polluted, the higher the prevalence of each digestive system symptoms, liver and gall diseases and peptic ulcer was. Neither of the prevalence of gastrointestinal inflammation and pancreatitis statistically significant correlated to the pollution level. Conclusion Exposure to hexavalent chromium in the environment chronically led to digestive system of the human body damaged.
    Enhancement of LOX and HIF-1αexpression in non-small cell Lung cancer
    2015, 35(6):  776-780. 
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    Objective To investigate the expression and clinical significance of lysyl oxidase(Lox) and hypoxia inducible factor-1α(HIF-1α) in non-small cell lung cancer(NSCLC).Methods 41cases of NSCLC tissue specimen were collected from clinical,by immunohistochemical (IHC) detecting the expression of LOX and HIF-1αprotein in NSCLC; Protein expression of HIF-1α and LOX of NSCLC tissus, corresponding paraneoplastic tissues and normal lung tissue was examined through western blot. Results Immunohistochemistry staining results showed that LOX protein mainly expressed in the cytoplasm, HIF-1αprotein in the nucleus. The positive expression rate of LOX or HIF-1αin NSCLC tissues was significantly higher than that of paired normal tissues (P <0.05); The high expression of LOX protein is remarkably related with pathological type ,tumor differentiation, lymph node metastasis and TNM stage(P <0.05); The high expression of HIF-1αprotein is remarkably related with pathological type ,tumor size, lymph node metastasis and TNM stage(P <0.05); The LOX protein had significant positive correlation with the HIF-1α protein expression in NSCLC(P<0.05).Western blot results showed that HIF-1αor LOX protein expression levels in NSCLC was significantly higher than that of paired paraneoplastic tissues and normal tissues((P<0.05).Conclusions LOX or HIF-1αabnormal expression is probably relevant to occurrence and development of NSCLC, and higher expression of them may act in synergy to promote the invasion and metastasis of NSCLC.
    Exposure to PM2.5 enhance Bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis in rats
    2015, 35(6):  781-785. 
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    Objective To investigate the effects of exposure to PM2.5 on bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis in rats. Methods Rats were divided into four groups :1) control group(group N); 2)PM2.5 group(group PM); 3)BLM group(group B); 4)PM2.5 plus BLM group (group PM+B);Each group was divided into four groups. Rats were injected of normal saline (1.5mL/kg), PM2.5 suspended in saline(3.75mg/kg), bleomycin (3.5mg/kg) and PM2.5 combined with BLM in saline into trachea respectively. The rats were sacrificed on day 3, 7, 14 and 21. The lung were stained with HE and Masson’s trichrome to estimate the degree of alveolitis and pulmonary fibrosis. Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid(BALF)was collected and cells in BALF were counted. The levels of IL-6 ,TNF-α and TGF- β1 in BALF were detected by the method of enzyme linked immunosorbent assay(ELISA). Western blot was performed to detect the protein levels of TLR2 and TLR4 in lung. The lung were made into tissue homogenate which were used for measuring the contents of HYP in pulmonary tissue. Results The body weight of rats in group B and group PM+B was significantly decreased compared with that in the group N. The rats in group B and group PM+B exhibited significant alveolar inflammatory and fibrosis changes compared with that of group N and group PM. The numbers of WBC in BALF and the concentration of IL-6 , TNF-α, TGF-β1 and hydroxyproline were significantly elevated in Group B and group PM+B compared with that in group N and group PM. The protein levels of TLR2 and TLR4 in the lungs in group B, group PM and group PM+B were significantly higher than that in group N. Conclusions Exposure to PM2.5 could impact the concentration of IL-6, TNF-α and TGF-β1 by increasing TLR2 and TLR4 expession, by which exaggerate BLM-induced inflammatory and fibrotic changes in the lung.
    Lenalidomide significantly inhibit the differentiation of monocytes to M2 polarized macrophages and down-regulate secretion of associated cytokines
    2015, 35(6):  786-791. 
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    Objective To explore the impact of anti-cancer drug Lenalidomide on the differentiation of monocytes to M2 polarized macrophages and the secretion of IL-10、VEGF and TGF-β1. Methods The peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) were isolated by Ficoll-Hypaque density gradient centrifugation from peripheral blood of both lymphoma patients and healthy controls. Then PBMCs were co-cultured with HUT-78 lymphoma cells in Transwell 24-well plates. Anti-cancer drug Lenalidomide was added to the co-culture system. Expressions of the markers of TAMs (CD68 and CD163) were tested by flow cytometry. IL-10, VEGF and TGF-β1 level in the co-culture system were detected by ELISA. Results Treatment with Lenalidomide significantly decreased the proportion of CD68+, CD163+,CD68+CD163+ cells and the proportion of CD68+CD163+ / CD68+cells(P<0.05). The degree of decline of CD68+CD163+ / CD68+cells was more significant in patients than that in healthy controls(P<0.05). For patients, treatment with Lenalidomide significantly decreased the IL-10 and VEGF level in the co-culture system(P<0.01,P<0.05). Conclusion Lenalidomide significantly inhibits the differentiation of monocytes to M2 polarized macrophages and down-regulate the secretion of IL-10 and VEGF in the co-culture system in patients group.
    Overexpression of Lats1 reduce proliferation in Eca109 cells
    2015, 35(6):  792-796. 
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    Objective To discuss the impact and mechanism on proliferation,apoptosis and cell cycle in Eca109 cells by overexpress LATS1 in lentivirus transfection technique. Methods Built LATS1-lentivirus vector then transfected the lentivirus vector into Eca109 cells;LATS1 mRNA expression was detected by real-time PCR;LATS1、YAP、BAX/BCL-2 protein expression were detected by western blotting;proliferation ability was detected by MTS assay;the ratio of apoptosis and cell cycle were detected by FCM;the dyeing of apoptosis was observed by hochest33258. Result After transfection of LATS1-lentivirus in Eca109 cells(Ad-LATS1 group),we found lats1 mRNA expression and protein expression level,BAX protein expression level were remarkablely higher than control group and Ad-GFP groups while YAP,BCL-2 protein expression level were on the contrary(P<0.05);The ratio of proliferation in Ad-LATS1 group was notable lower than control group and Ad-GFP groups from the fifth day(P<0.05);FCM showed more cells stay in G1 phase in Ad-LATS1 group than in control group and-GFP groups while the ratio of cells in S phase were on the contrary and apoptosis rate was much higher in Ad-LATS1 group than in others(P<0.05);Hoechst 33258 dying also demonstrated that LATS1 could induce apoptosis in Eca109 cells through the degree and range of dyeing. Conclusion gene LATS1could up-regulate BAX whlle down-regulate YAP and BCL-2 to increase the apoptosis rate of Eca109 cells,more over,it could prolong the G1 phase of cell cycle and shorten the S phase to inhibit the proliferation of Eca109 cells.
    Erythropoietin inhibits rat cardiac fibroblasts proliferation induced by TGF-β
    2015, 35(6):  797-801. 
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    Objective To explore the effect of erythropoietin on the proliferation of rat cardiac fibroblasts (CFs) induced by TGF-β. Methods Cultivated rats CFs were divided into three groups: Control group, TGF-βgroup: the final concentration of TGF-βwas 5 μg/L, recombinant human erythropoietin (rhEPO) treatment group: added TGF-βafter incubation with 5000U/L rhEPO for one hour. After 24 hours, CFs proliferation was determined by MTT assay and cell counting; Immunocytochemistry and western blot were conducted to observeα-SMA expression; The hydroxyproline concentration of CFs was assessed by hydroxyproline kit; CollagenⅠ,Ⅲ and MMP-2,MMP-9 synthesis of CFs were deteched by Western blot. Results Compared with control group, TGF-βpromoted the CFs proliferation and transformation (P<0.05); and TGF-βinduced increase synthesis of collagenⅠand collagen Ⅲ as well as MMP-2 and MMP-9 in CFs (P<0.05); After EPO intervention, CFs proliferation and transformation were decreased (P<0.05), collagenⅠand collagen Ⅲ synthesis were reduced (P<0.05), but the secretion of MMP-2 and MMP-9 were increased (P<0.05). Conclusion Physiological dose EPO inhibits rat CFs proliferation, transformation and collagen production, in addition, EPO promoted collagen degradation.
    Expression and significance of Trop-2 in colorectal cancer
    2015, 35(6):  802-806. 
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    Objective To explore the trophoblast cell surface antigens 2 (Trop-2) expression and significance in colorectal cancer. Methods Trop-2 expressions were detected with immunohistochemistry in 84 colorectal cancer tissue samples and corresponding tumor-adjacent normal tissues. We analyzed the relationship between Trop-2 expression and clinic pathological features of colorectal cancer. We also detected 34 surgical removal of the specimen with western blot to analyze the Trop-2 expression of colorectal cancer. Results Trop-2 expression was higher in colorectal cancer tissue samples than that in corresponding tumor-adjacent normal tissues (P<0.05). Trop-2 expression was higher in rectal cancer than that in left-sided and right-sided colon cancer (P<0.05). Colorectal cancer with higher Dukes’ stage or lymph node metastasis and distant metastasis, the Trop-2 expression is higher than that in corresponding tissues (P<0.05). The study found no significance in age, gender and degrees of differentiation. Conclusion Trop-2 was highly expressed in colorectal cancer, which was closely related to Dukes’ stage, lymph node metastasis, distant metastasis and the tumor site.
    Prolongedsciatic nerve block durations in painful diabetic neuropathy rats and potential mechanisms
    2015, 35(6):  807-811. 
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    Objective To compare sciatic nerve block durations between painful diabetic neuropathy (PDN) rats and nondiabetic ones, and to explore the potential mechanisms. Methods PDN model was established, 10 of which were injected normal saline (NS) adjacent to the right sciatic nerves and ropivacaine(n=5)/ bupivacaine(n=5) adjacent to the left sciatic nerves. Another 15 Control rats were treated in the same way as above. Sciatic nerves were carefully removed 2 days after the injection for HE staining. Results Both local anesthetic solutions produced significantly longer mean durations of sensory nerve block and motor nerve block in PDN rats than in nondiabetic rats (P<0.05). Histological study revealed a significantly higher nerve damage rate in PDN rats than in nondiabetic ones (P<0.05). Besides, nerve damage rates were significantly increased after the sciatic nerve block in PDN rats (P<0.05). Conclusion Susceptibility to nerve injury may exist in PDN rats, which, along with the diabetic neuropathy per se, may constitute the potential mechanism of block duration prolongation.
    Comparison Remifentanil with Dexmedetomidine in prevention of coughing and hemodynamic instability during emergence from general anaesthesia
    2015, 35(6):  812-816. 
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    Objective: To compare the effects of remifentanil target-controlled infusion (TCI) and dexmedetomidine single-dose administration on the prevention of cough and hemodynamic instability during anesthetic emergence. Method: Ninety elective thyroidectomy patients were randomly assigned to control group (group C, n=30 ) , Remifentanil group (group R, n=30) or Dexmedetomidine group (group D, n=30) . Anesthesia was maintained with sevoflurane and effect-site target-controlled infusion of remifentanil. In group D, remifentanil was discontinued, and dexmedetomidine 0.5 μg/kg was given 10 minutes before the end of surgery. In group C and group D, remifentanil was discontinued at the end the surgery. In group R, remifentanil TCI at an concentration of 2.0 ng/mL was maintained during emergence until extubation. The cough score, hemodynamic values, and other recovery profiles were evaluated during the peri-extubation period. Result: During extubation, the proportion of patients with no cough or just a single cough was significantly higher in group R than in group D and group C (73.3% vs. 40% and 40%, p<0.05); MBP was lower in group R than in group C and group D (p<0.05); HR were lower in group R and group D than in group C (p<0.05). Conclusion: Remifentanil TCI prevent cough and blood pressure increase during emergence from general anesthesia more effectively than single-dose dexmedetomidine. Both of the drugs had the same effect on maintain heart rate stability , and had no respiratory suppression effect.
    Plasma cysteine-rich protein 61(CYR61) levels is associated with coronary artery disease
    2015, 35(6):  817-821. 
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    Objective To study plasma levels of cysteine-rich protein 61(CYR61) in coronary artery disease (CAD) patients and evaluate their association with clinical data. Method Plasma level of CYR61 was measured in 97 patients with CAD (48 patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS) and 49 with stable angina pectoris(SAP)) and 49 controls with negative CAG results. Results Plasma levels of CYR61 were higher in patients with CAD (10.47ug/L versus 4.55ug/L, P<0.01) and CYR61 was an independent risk factor of coronary artery disease (OR 1.164, 95%CI 1.065 ~ 1.273,P<0.01). CYR61 levels in ACS group were significantly higher than those in SAP group (15.61ug/L versus 8.03ug/L, P<0.01). CYR61 was positively related with Gensini score (P<0.01).Conclusions CYR61 may have a relationship with the development of coronary artery disease and the type and severity of coronary artery disease.
    The effect of postoperative intubation time on the incidence of hoarseness after cardiac surgery
    2015, 35(6):  822-824. 
    Asbtract ( 751 )   PDF (368KB) ( 402 )  
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    Objective To analyze the incidence and influencing factors of postoperative hoarseness among patients undergoing general anesthesia. Methods The perioperative data of patients underwent cardiac surgeries under general anesthesia with endotracheal intubation from January 2014 to December 2014 in Peking Union Medical College Hospital were analyzed. Patients were divided into hoarseness group and control group based on whether presented with postoperative hoarseness respectively. The general information, operation and anesthesia data, and postoperative intubation time were investigated. Patients were then allocated to different groups according to postoperative intubation time and the incidence of hoarseness were calculated. The effect of intubation time on hoarseness incidence was examined by correlation analysis subsequently. Results 218 patients were enrolled in the study, and a total of 12 patients developed with postoperative hoarseness. The average postoperative intubation time of the hoarseness group was significantly longer than the control group (P<0.01). Spearman rank correlation analysis confirmed the positive effect of prolonged postoperative intubation time on hoarseness incidence (P<0.05). Conclusion In patients undergoing cardiac surgeries, the postoperative intubation time of the patients with hoarseness was significantly longer. Also, the incidence of postoperative hoarseness increased with prolonged intubation time.
    Factors influence induction compliance of children undergoing general anaesthesia
    2015, 35(6):  825-829. 
    Asbtract ( 609 )   PDF (617KB) ( 370 )  
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    Objective: To investigate factors that correlates with child’s compliance during general anaesthesia induction. Method: One hundred and two children (2-12 years of age) undergoing selected surgery were recruited in the current study. Preoperative anxiety of children was assessed in the holding area immediately prior to the surgery using a modified Yale preoperative anxiety scale (m-YPAS). Parent did not company the child during induction. Anaesthesia was induced in all children with an O2/N2O/sevoflurane mask technique. Compliance with anaesthesia induction was assessed using an induction compliance check list (ICC). The trait and state anxiety of the parent who accompanied the child were assessed using a state trait anxiety inventory (STAI) questionnaire on the day before surgery and in the holding area respectively. Results: Children’s ICC score negatively correlated with their age (p<0.01), and positively correlated with their m-YPAS score (p<0.01) and their parents’ STAI-T score (p<0.05). Children’s m-YPAS score also negatively correlated with their age (p<0.01), and positively correlated with their parents STAI-T score (p<0.01) and STAI-S score (p<0.05) . Conclusions: For children whose parents do not company them during induction, younger age, higher preoperative anxiety level and higher parents’ trait anxiety level are predictors of their poor induction compliance. Parents’ preoperative state anxiety level dose not influence children’s induction compliance in this study.
    Clinical characteristics of seven cases with pure androgen-producing adrenal adenoma
    2015, 35(6):  830-832. 
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    Objective: To study the clinical characteristics of pure androgen-producing adrenal adenoma. Method: Clinical data from 7 cases with pure androgen-producing adrenal adenoma treated in PUMCH from 2002 to 2014 were analyzed retrospectively. Results:Seven patients with age at onset from 3.5 to 31 years had various clinical courses from 1.5 to 30 years. All female patients (n=6) had virilism and one male patient developed sexual precocity. Serum testosterone levels were 4.1-33.0 nmol/L preoperatively and in the females decreased to 0.1-1.3nmol/L postoperatively accompanying with relief of the symptoms, and decreased to 4.1mmol/L for the boy because of secondary central precocious puberty. All the tumors were histologically diagnosed with adrenocortical adenoma. Conclusions: Pure androgen-producing adrenal adenoma usually occurs in childhood. Clinical characteristics are various according to the sex and age of the patients. Androgen-producing adrenal adenoma should be suspected when the patients develop virilism, menstrual disorder, or sexual precocity.
    The Policy and Legal Analysis of Telemedicine Development
    2015, 35(6):  838-841. 
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    Telemedicine is the action of making use of telecommunication technology and computer multimedia technology to provide medical service. It is a new form of medical service. Policy and law are key factors affecting the development of telemedicine. Through the introduction of related policy and legal theories together with the experience of international telemedicine, this paper analyzes the current policy of Chinese telemedicine and puts forward proposals on the policy of telemedicine development in China.
    Advances of miRNA in early diagnosis and prognosis of cervical cancer
    2015, 35(6):  842-845. 
    Asbtract ( 633 )   PDF (504KB) ( 439 )  
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    MicroRNA play an important role in the process of cervical cancer incidence, invasion, metastasis and recurrence, and closely related to its prognosis. The abnormal expression of miRNAs in cervical cancer patients’s serum can be used as a noninvasive diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers.Based on studies of serum microRNAs, the early presence of cervical cancer can be detected, reduce tumor metastasis and recurrence, search for therapeutic targets, tumor recurrence are reduced, and find targets and breakthrough in diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer.
    Research progress on mechanisms of resistance to somatostatin analogs in growth hormone-secreting pituitary adenomas
    Yi-Lin LI Bing XING
    2015, 35(6):  846-850. 
    Asbtract ( 578 )   PDF (605KB) ( 412 )  
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    Somatostatin analogs are the mainstay of medical therapy for growth hormone-secreting pituitary adenomas. They can inhibit the growth hormone secretion in pituitary gland and the proliferation of tumor cells. However, some patients get unsatisfying curative effect because of drug resistance. The mechanisms of somatostatin analog resistance mainly are related to somatostatin receptor, downstream signaling pathways, histopathology, adhesion molecule and other factors.
    Progress on the serum calcium levels with cardiovascular disease and cancer
    Zhi-Sheng YAO
    2015, 35(6):  851-853. 
    Asbtract ( 632 )   PDF (411KB) ( 568 )  
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    Calcium regulation has some association with disease .The serum calcium levels of coronary heart disease and hypertension are lower than the healthy people. The calcium score of atherosclerosis is greater than healthy people. Different cancers show different performance levels of calcium: lung cancer, esophageal cancer and gastric cancer serum calcium levels higher than the healthy people; while the colorectal cancer and breast cancer is lower than that of healthy people. Taking calcium supplements may be helpful for the prevention and cure.
    Innovative teaching reform for the clinical anatomy
    2015, 35(6):  854-856. 
    Asbtract ( 592 )   PDF (535KB) ( 479 )  
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    In order to adapt to the trend of anatomy teaching reform in 21 century and develop practical ability and innovative ability of postgraduate, clinical anatomy course has been reformed from 2010 in PUMC. After 5 years of teaching practice, the experience and problems were summarized in order to provide a reference for the curriculum development in the future.
    Clinical Anatomy in Training of Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery
    2015, 35(6):  857-859. 
    Asbtract ( 531 )   PDF (472KB) ( 487 )  
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    The minimal invasive sling procedures and pelvic reconstructive surgery are widely used in the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD). These punctures have the possibilities to damage important vessels, nerves and organs, inducing serious complications. To explore the effective teaching and training in pelvic floor surgery, Peking Union Medical College Hospital has done three aspects of work. Clinical anatomy of the surgical punctures provided surgical anatomical basis for safe operation. Anatomical-realistic model of female pelvic floor in animation designing was produced as a strong tool for better understanding the anatomy. Cadaver Lab was founded. The professional education system is constantly improved, allowing surgeons’ training more systematic and scientific in line with the international standards.
    An investigation on the factors for school choice of graduate students in School of Basic Medicine Peking Union Medical College
    2015, 35(6):  860-863. 
    Asbtract ( 660 )   PDF (482KB) ( 466 )  
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    Objective: To make a survey on the subjective preferences and factors for school choice of graduate students in School of Basic Medicine, Peking Union Medical College, and to provide reference data for further improvement in students recruiting propaganda. Methods: We made a survey of 108 graduate students admitted into the School of Basic Medicine, Peking Union Medical College in 2010. The questionnaire covered the subjective preferences and factors of graduate students when they faced the choices of graduate school. The study analyzed the differences in students with different enrollment ways. Results: A total of 105 valid questionnaires was obtained. 39.1% of the subjects paid more attention to the overall quality of school, 45.7% of them tend to get information about the school from the senior students. The most attractive factor of the School of Basic Medicine, Peking Union Medical College is the high level of faculty. Graduate students with different enrollment methods showed differences in subjective preferences. Conclusion: Students recruiting propaganda pay attention to the role of students already enrolled on the premise of strengthening discipline construction, focusing on network information, and take appropriate promotional strategies for different types of students.
    The application of PBL method in the teaching of congenital heart disease
    2015, 35(6):  864-866. 
    Asbtract ( 495 )   PDF (478KB) ( 393 )  
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    Objective:To reform the teaching mode of children's heart disease , try to introduce PBL (Problem-based learning ,PBL) teaching mode, combined with traditional teaching and compared with the effect of this method. Methods:Set Pediatric cardiology PBL teaching goal firstly, reasonable arrange the teaching time, integrate the theory with practice, layout preparation before the task, establish a PBL learning team, implemente PBL teaching and summarize. Results:The PBL teaching mode can mobilize the study initiative, to help students better understand the symptoms and signs of the disease, and to prompt the students' clinical thinking method and problem solving skills and develop team cooperation ability. Practice has proved that PBL is an efficient teaching mode, to enhance students' learning initiative and improve their ability to analyze and solve problems. The PBL teaching in the present stage is useful and necessary supplement of traditional teaching modes and has a positive and affirmative action. Conclusion: This study of PBL teaching method get the preliminary experience of the teaching of congenital heart disease, and lay a good foundation for extensive pediatric PBL teaching.