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    05 October 2017, Volume 37 Issue 10
    Effects of chronic hypobaric hypoxia on HIF-1ɑ, COX1 proteins and oxidative stress in lung tissue of rats
    2017, 37(10):  1355-1358. 
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    Objective To investigate the effects of chronic hypobaric hypoxia on COX1 protein and oxidative stress in lung tissue. Methods Rats were randomly divided into normoxia group (1 500 m) and hypoxia group (4 300 m). The rats in hypoxia group were take samples after exposure to hypoxia for 30 days. The COX1 protein in lung tissue of rats were determined by Western blot method; HIF-1αlevel in lung tissue and serum, ROS in plasma and SOD, CAT enzyme in lung tissue were determined by ELISA method; PAP of rats were determined by physiological signal acquisition system. Results HIF-1 protein express level in serum and lung tissue of rats in hypoxia group was significantly higher than that of the normoxia group (p<0.01), the content of ROS was significantly lower than that of the normoxia group (p<0.01), the expression of COX1 protein in lung tissues of hypoxia group was significantly decreased (p<0.01), serum total antioxidant capacity were elevated in hypoxia group (p<0.01). Conclusions The effects of chronic hypobaric hypoxia on lung tissue may be caused by direct injury, not only by oxidative stress.
    Down-regulated expression of duodenal tight junction proteins in model rats with Parkinson's disease
    2017, 37(10):  1359-1362. 
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    Objective To investigate the alterations of tight junction proteins in the duodenal mucosa of 6-hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA)-induced Parkinson’s disease (PD) models. Methods Rats were subjected with 6-OHDA in bilateral substantia nigra (SN) to make the PD models. The location and quantitative detecting techniques including immunohisto- chemistry and western blotting were used to determine the expressions and alterations of tight junction proteins (claudin-1, occludin, ZO-1). Results Claudin-1, occludin and ZO-1 were highly expressed in the duodenal mucosa of PD models, where the expressions of occluding (P<0.001) and ZO-1 (P<0.001) were much lower, while the expression of claudin-1 had no alteration. Conclusions The down-regulated expressions of occludin and ZO-1 were detected in duodenal mucosa of PD models, which might be related with duodenal ulcer in PD.
    Different regulation profiles of LPS-activated TLR4 on the NF-κB and IRF3 signaling pathway
    2017, 37(10):  1363-1367. 
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    Objective To investigate the different regulation of TLR4 between NF-κB and IRF3 signaling pathways which are triggered by LPS. Methods LPS was used to stimulate mouse peritoneal macrophages. Immunofluorescence was performed to observe the translocation of TLR4 and the transcription factors p65 and IRF3. The phosphorylation level of transcription factors was examined by Western Blot. Results With stimulation of LPS in 30 minutes, the fluorescence intensity of TLR4 on the cytomembrane was increased (P < 0.01), while its fluorescence intensity on the endosome in cytoplasm was increased more robustly (P < 0.01), and TLR4 in cytoplasm was found to co-locate with EEA1. When the stimulation reached 90 minutes and 180 minutes, the fluorescence intensity of TLR4 in both cytomembrane and cytoplasm was decreased obviously (P < 0.01), and the co-location with EEA1 was attenuated (P < 0.01). In rest state, the fluorescence intensity of the downstream molecule p65 and IRF3 was almost totally in the cytoplasm. After the stimulation of LPS, fluorescence intensity both in nucleus was increased gradually (P < 0.05), but the fluorescence intensity of p65 in nucleus was enhanced earlier and lasted longer than that of IRF3. The phosphorylation of p65 was also earlier and lasted longer than that of IRF3. Conclusions The changed location of TLR4 after being activated can make the transfer time of IRF3 pathway longer and the lasting time shorter than that of NF-κB robustly.
    5-Fluorouracil suppresses human hepatocellular carcinoma cell growth via promoting miR-22 expression
    2017, 37(10):  1368-1372. 
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    Objective To investigate the impact of 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) on miR-22 expression in human hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cell lines and to elucidate the molecular mechanism of 5-fluorouracil for HCC chemotherapy. Methods Real-time PCR analysis was conducted to determine the expression levels of miR-22 in HCC tissue specimens and HCC cell lines. The expression of miR-22 and pri-miR-22 (primary miR-22) was evaluated in HepG2 and Huh7 cells with 5-FU treatment by using real-time PCR and we also performed Western blot analysis to detect the protein levels of HDAC4 in HCC cells with the same treatment. A rescue assay was employed by using 5-FU treatment in combination with miR-22 inhibitor (Anti-22) to further investigate the correlation among 5-FU, miR-22, and HCC cell growth. Results miR-22 expression depicted a significant downregulation in HCC tissues and cell lines (P<0.01). 5-FU treatment led to an augment of miR-22 expression in HepG2 and Huh7 cells (P<0.001) and resulted in a decrease of HDAC4 protein levels, which was verified as a direct target of miR-22 in HCC cells (P<0.01). Conclusion 5-FU represents its suppressive effect on HCC growth at least partly via miR-22-mediated HDAC4 axis.
    Evodiamine suppressing proliferation of colon cancer HCT-116 cells in mice
    2017, 37(10):  1373-1377. 
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    Objection To investigate the effect of evodiamine on proliferation of HCT-116 in balb/c nude mice, and to explore its possible mechanism. Methods HCT-116 cells were injected into the right armpit of 4 week old Balb/c nude mice, the feeding had been executed at the time of the diameter of the xenografted tumor reached 0.5 cm, at the dose of 3 mg/kg (Evo), body weight and tumor diameter had been tested every three days, and made the curve of body weight and tumor diameter of the mice. All the mice were sacrificed after 22 days of feeding, and harvested the xenografted tumors. The morphological difference of the two groups tumor were identified by HE staining, the expression of HDAC3, NF-κB and p53 protein were detected by IHC and Westernblot. Results Compared with the control groups, the volume and weight of the tumors in Evo groups were significantly lighter, and the body weight of the nude mice were heavier, The tumor cells in Evo groups were shrink, deeply staining nucelus and their abnormal mitoses were fewer, the expression of NF-κB and p53 were increased but HDAC3 was decreased in xenografted tumors treated with Evo (P<0.05). Conclusion Evo can affect the expression of NF-κB and p53 by down-regulating HDAC3, and inhibit the proliferation of HCT-116 cells line in vivo.
    Comparison of the effects of microfluidic paper-based immunoassay and traditional Western blot on the detection of target proteins
    2017, 37(10):  1378-1383. 
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    Objective To achieve the goal of the qualitative and relatively quantitative analysis of the target protein in a time-saving, labor-saving and reagents-saving way by the microfluidic paper-based immunoassay. Methods In this paper, we chose MGMT as the target protein and compared the qualitative and semi-quantitative results of the MGMT expression in the MCF7 cells which was treated with MGMT inhibitor, Lomeguatrib, in both the traditional Western Blotting and the paper chip immunoassay. Results Microfluidic paper-based immunoassay can make the qualitative and relative quantitative detection on protein expression. Compared to the sensitivity of 1-5ng of the traditional Western Blot, the microfluidic paper-based immunoassay could detect as low as 10-25 pg of the protein. The sensitivity could be improved by 3 orders of magnitude. The entire operational duration took only 1 hour with less costed reagents being consumed. It could make the high-throughput protein detection as sensitive as the reverse phase protein assays (RPPA) does. Conclusions The paper chip immunoassay could be performed qualitatively and semi-quantitatively to detect protein expression, and is more effective than that of traditional Western blot.
    Effects of acute pancreatitis mouse model induced by caerulein and lipopolysaccharides
    2017, 37(10):  1384-1388. 
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    Objective To observe the time dependent changes of pancreas and lung injury in mice acute pancreatitis induced by caerulein,and compare the effects of mice acute pancreatitis model induced by different injection protocols of caerulein and lipopolysaccharides. Methods Mice acute pancreatitis were induced by different injection frequency of caerulein or caerulein combined with lipopolysaccharides, and plasma amylase activity was detected by starch-iodine colorimetry, and pancreas and lung injury severity was observed on paraffin section after HE staining. Results The injury of pancreas and lung in mice acute pancreatitis induced by caerulein was most severe at 4 h, which began to repair at 24 h, and basically returned to normal at 5 d. 4 h after last injection, the amylase activity in CAE7 group and CAE9 group was higher than that in the control group(6461±1078 U/dl vs 3093±331 U/dl; 6821±495 U/dl vs 3093±331 U/dl, all P<0.001), and that in CAE7+LPS group was higher than in CAE9 group(8912±465 U/dl vs 6821±495 U/dl, P<0.001), the histological score in CAE7 group and CAE9 group was higher than that in the control group(4.750±0.524 vs 0±0; 4.917±0.664 vs 0±0, all P<0.001), and that in CAE7+LPS group was higher than in CAE9 group(7.167±0.258 vs 4.917±0.664, P<0.001). Conclusion Mice acute pancreatitis can be successfully induced by 7 i.p. injections of caerulein (50 μg/kg body weight) at 1-hour intervals, caerulein combined with lipopolysaccharides other than increasing caerulein injection frequency can further exacerbate injury of pancreas.
    Wnt3a protects melanocytes iMC65 against oxidative stress
    2017, 37(10):  1389-1394. 
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    Objective To investigate the protective effect of Wnt3a on the oxidative stress damage of melanocytes and its mechanism. Methods The melanocytes were divided into 4 groups: control group, Wnt3a group, H2O2 treatment group, Wnt3a treatment group. The melanocytes were treated with 750 μmol/L H2O2 for oxidative stress damage. The activity of cells was detected by MTT assay. The apoptosis rate was examined by flow cytometry. The ROS production was observed by fluorescence microscope and flow cytometry. The Nrf2/ARE pathway activation was determined with an ARE-driven luciferase reporter construct. The expressions of Nrf2 and HO-1 were examined by Westernblot. Results Compared with control group, cell activity was decreased(p<0.01), the ratio of apoptosis was increased(p<0.01), ROS production was raised in H2O2 treatment group(p<0.01). While compared with H2O2 treatment group, cell activity was relieved(p<0.05), the ratio of apoptosis was decreased(p<0.05), ROS production was declined in Wnt3a treatment group(p<0.05).Wnt3a up-regulated the transcriptional activity of Nrf2 as determined with improving the relative activity of luciferase regulated by the antioxidant response element ARE. Wnt3a also increases the expression of Nrf2 and HO-1 protein levels. Conclusion Wnt3a protects the melanocytes against oxidative injury by H2O2. The mechanism would be related to the activation of Nrf2/ARE pathway.
    Whole-genome microRNA expression profiles and chromosome distribution in adult B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
    2017, 37(10):  1395-1400. 
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    Objective To investigate the expression profiles and chromosome distribution characteristics of miRNA in bone marrow samples between the patients with adult B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (B-ALL) and their controls. Methods Illumina sequencing technology was applied to perform global miRNA expression analysis and chromosome distribution analysis in the bone marrow samples of 15 adult B-ALL patients relative to a control group of 10 patients without hematologic malignancies. Then, qPCR was carried out to validate the reliability of the sequencing data. Results In total, 291 differentially expressed miRNAs including 168 up-regulated and 123 down-regulated miRNAs were indentified in adult B-ALL patients compared with their controls. Despite the distribution of miRNA genes in chromosome was similar in both samples, the distribution of miRNA expression abundance in chromosome show obvious differences. B-ALL group was mainly located in the chromosome 1, 2, 5 and 9, while the control group was mainly located in the chromosome 3, 7, 9, 17 and X. Conclusion The altered expression profile of miRNA in bone marrow samples of adult B-ALL patients implies that aberrantly expressed miRNAs maybe plays roles in the occurrence and development of B-ALL.
    Oncostatin M promotes the differentiation of murine induced pluripotent stem cells into cardiomyocytes
    2017, 37(10):  1401-1406. 
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    Objective To investigate the effects of Oncostatin M (OSM) on differentiation of murine induced pluripotent stem cells (miPSCs) into cardiomyocytes in vitro. Methods using the embryoid bodies differentiation method, OSM was added during early-phase and midphase (day 0-6) of miPSCs differentiation to induced for 15 days. Semi-quantitative RT-PCR, Western blot and immunofluorescence staining were used to detect the expression levels of myocardial cells -specific markers. Results The best concentration of OSM to induce the cardiac differentiation of miPSCs was 20 pmol/L and revealed that cardiac troponin-T (cTnT) were expressed 7-fold higher in OSM-treated compared with vehicle control-treated embryoid bodies at day 15 post-differentiation. Cardiac-specific gene and protein expression of cTnT and Gata4 demonstrated that the OSM-treated embryoid bodies expressed cardiac-specific gene (Tnnt2、Nkx2.5、MLC2a、MLC2v、GATA4 and GATA6) and protein (cTnI、Gata4) at levels that were higher than those of the vehicle-control group after induced for 15 days. Furthermore, Immunostaining of the cardiac-specific protein markers cTnT showed that the miPSCs expressed cTnT across all groups, and exhibited a markedly increased of cTnT-positive cells in OSM-treated cells. Conclusions OSM promote the differentiation of murine induced pluripotent stem cells into cardiomyocytes, and it could serve as a valuable strategy for myocardiac differentiation of miPSCs in vitro.
    Mechanism of berberine-induced apoptosis in cervical cancer HeLa cell line
    2017, 37(10):  1407-1411. 
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    Objective To study the apoptosis mechanism of HeLa cells induced by berberine (BR). Methods HeLa cells were treated by different concentration of BR,with different times. CCK-8 assay was used to detect the Hela cells proliferation activity. Detecting the expression of STAT3 in control HeLa cells and BR treated Hela cells. HeLa cell cycles were detected by flow cytometry(FCM). The relative expressions of STAT3, CYCLIN B1, CDC2 and C-MYC were examined by real-time PCR. The relative expressions of STAT3, CYCLIN B1, CDC2 and C-MYC proteins were examined by Western blot analysis. Results BR can effectively inhibit the proliferation of HeLa cells in vitro, which exhibits a dose-dependent and time-dependent manner. The FCM showed that the the proportion of BR-treated cells in G2/M phase was higher than control group. Real–time PCR results showed that relative expressions of STAT3, CYCLIN B1, CDC 2and C-MYC genes in HeLa cells treated with BR were lower than the control group. Western blot results showed that relative expressions of STAT3, CYCLIN B1, CDC 2and C-MYC proteins in HeLa cells treated with BR were lower than the control group. Conclusions BR can induce apoptosis of cervical cancer by targeting STAT3.
    Up-regulation of related protein express under endoplasmic reticulum stress in rats with unilateral ureteral obstruction
    2017, 37(10):  1412-1416. 
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    Objective To investigate the mechanism of endoplasmic reticulum stress (ERS) - related apoptosis pathway in renal interstitial fibrosis in rats with unilateral ureteral obstruction (UUO). Methods 60 male Wistar rats aged 8 weeks were randomly divided into sham operation group and model group (n = 30). According to the time of day and night, under the condition of room temperature and stable humidity. The rats in the model group were treated with left ureteral ligation. The sham operation group was only treated with no ligation of the ureter, and the rats were sacrificed on the 3 day, the 7 day and the 14 day after operation. Observe the two groups of rats HE and Masson staining of renal pathological changes; fundus venous blood samples were collected and separated serum blood urea nitrogen and creatinine determination; detection of glucose regulated protein 78 (Western blot GRP78), endoplasmic reticulum derived transcription factor (CHOP) and apoptosis related protein cysteine aspartic proteinase 3 (caspase-3 the expression of caspase-12 and protein). Results compared with sham operation group, UUO model group, renal histopathology showed renal tubular dilatation and renal interstitial fibrosis with ureteral obstruction prolonged and progressive aggravation; the expression of UUO GRP78 in the model group, CHOP, Caspase-3, caspase-12 protein in 3D after operation were raised, with the obstruction time prolonged, the expression is more significant (p<0.01). Conclusion endoplasmic reticulum stress related protein marker of early UUO in rat renal interstitial fibrosis with expression change in the long time, ERS may lead to the occurrence of apoptosis, Caspase-3, ERS apoptosis pathway 12 mediated promote renal fibrosis development.
    Comparison on the capacity of osteogenesis of mesenchymal stem cells from three different tissues
    2017, 37(10):  1417-1423. 
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    Objective To find the seed cells for replacing bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells(BMSCs) to treat bone defects by compared the capacity of osteogenesis from the BMSCs、human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells(UC-MSCs) and human placental mesenchymal stem cells(P-MSCs). Methods The Three MSCs were cultured in DMEM/Ham’sF-12 medium containing 10% fetal bovine serum, cell proliferation curve was drawn by CCK8 detected, and the cell surface antigens were measured using flow cytometry. Osteogenic ability was confirmed by the alkaline phosphatase(ALP) staining, alizarin red staining. To further explore the difference in organic components, their underlying genotypes and proteins, including RUNX2, ALP and osteocalcin(OCN), were analyzed by RT-qPCR and Western blot. Results Cell growth curve analysis indicated that three MSCs were in the exponential stage at 3 days following incubation. Flow cytometry analysis showed that more than 98% cells were positive for CD44, CD90 and CD105. ALP and Alizarin red staining displayed that three MSCs presented good mineralizationg ability by osteogenesis induced medium. RT-qPCR and Western blot showed that the three MSCs experiment group higher expression levels of osteogenic markers including RUNX2, ALP and OCN during the initial 9 and 18 days when compared with control(P<0.05). Conclusions The results exhibited that UC-MSCs and P-MSCs have good osteogenic ability, which expected to be as bone tissue engineering seed cells for the treatment of bone defects.
    Tamibarotene alleviates cerebral ischemia reperfusion injury in rats
    2017, 37(10):  1424-1428. 
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    Objective To investigate the effect of tamibarotene(Am80)on cerebral ischemia reperfusion injury.Methods Rats were randomly divided into sham operation group (Sham), model group (I/R) and tamibarotene intervention group (Am80, intragastric administration of Am80 6mg/kg). The middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO) was established by using suture method. At 24 h after reperfusion, the brain was removed. And the neurological behavioral score was assessed by double blind method. The cerebral infarction volume was measured by TTC staining. The proteins of RARα, Bcl-2, Bax and mRNA were examined by Western blot and RT-qPCR, respectively. Results Am80 significantly improved the neurological deficits of MCAO rats and effectively reduced the infarct volume. And upregulated the level of RARα and Bcl-2, decreased the expression of Bax. Conclusions Am80 has a protective effect on cerebral ischemia-reperfusion in rats, and its effect may be related to anti-apoptosis.
    Hypoxia promotes the migration and apoptosis of human dermal micro-vascular endothelial cells
    2017, 37(10):  1429-1433. 
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    Object to study the effects of hypoxia on the cells abilities of migration, apoptosis and expressions of gene and proteins of human dermal microvascular endothelial cells(HDMEC). Methods to culture HDMEC in hypoxia condition by putting CoCl2 in the cell incubator and all the subjects have been divided to two groups which include normal group and hypoxia group. To find the appropriate CoCl2 dose by CCK-8 experiment and the 200 μ mol /L CoCl2 is the best to establish hypoxia model. The migration ability of cells was detected by wound healing test. Alteration of apoptosis rate was detected by flow cytometry. The gene expressions were detected by RT-PCR and the protein levels were detected by Western blotting. Results The migration ability of cells was enhanced in hypoxia condition (P<0.05). The apoptosis rate was increased in hypoxia condition (P<0.05). The gene expressions of HIF-1α、HIF-1β、VEGF、iNOS were increased comparing with normal groups depending on time(P<0.05). The protein expressions of HIF-1α、VEGF、iNOS were increased comparing with normal groups depending on time(P<0.05). Conclusions Cells abilities of migration, apoptosis of HDMEC were influenced by hypoxia may have some relations with the expression of gene and protein about HIF-1α、VEGF、iNOS were increased in hypoxia condition.
    SFRP5 gene silencing promotes proliferation and migration of human pancreatic cancer cell line PANC-1
    2017, 37(10):  1434-1439. 
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    Objective To investigate the effect of lentivirus-mediated shRNA silencing SFRP5 on proliferation, invasion and migration of pancreatic cancer cell line PANC-1. Methods A SFRP5-knockdown recombinant plasmid was constructed and successfully transfected it into pancreatic cancer cell line PANC-1, blank plasmid transfection was treated as negative control and untreated cells as blank control group. The expression of SFRP5 at RNA and protein level in cell were detected by real-time PCR and Western blot, CCK8 assay was applied to examine the effect of SFRP5 silencing on the proliferation, the cell migration of pancreatic cancer cell line PANC-1 was analyzed by Transwell migration assay and cell scratch test was used to examine the cell invasion in PANC-1 cell. Results Stable transfected shRNA-SFRP5 cell of pancreatic cancer line was established successfully. The proliferation capacity of SFRP5 group was significantly higher compared to the negative control and blank control group by CCK8 assay(P<0.01).Similarly, cell invasion and migration of SFRP5 group was significantly higher compared to the negative control and blank control group(P<0.01). Conclusions SFRP5 lentiviral interference vectors can effectively decrease SFRP5 gene expression in PANC-1 cell of pancreatic cancer, thereby promoting cell proliferation, invasion and migration.
    Expression of Wntless in gastric carcinoma and its clinical significance
    2017, 37(10):  1440-1443. 
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    Objective To explore the expression of Wnt secret protein Wntless in gastric carcinoma and normal mucosa, and to analyze the clinical significance of Wntless expression. Methods Detected the expression of Wntless protein in gastric adenocarcinoma and normal gastric mucosa by immunohistochemistry. Results In 104 specimens of gastric cancer, the expression of Wntless in gastric adenocarcinoma was: 7.7% (8/104) cases were 0 or 1+, 36.5% (38/104) cases were 2+, and 55.8% (58/104) cases were 3+. While in normal mucosa, the expression of Wntless was: 71.2% (74/104) cases were 0 or 1+, 19.2% (20/104) cases were 2+, and 9.6% (10/104) cases were 3+. The expression of Wntless in gastric adenocarcinoma was significantly higher than that in normal gastric mucosa (P<0.001). The expression of Wntless protein was positively correlated with tumor differentiation (P<0.05), and was positively correlated with lymph node metastasis (P<0.05). Conclusion Wntless is highly expressed in gastric carcinomas and may have role in the oncogenesis. Wntless could be used as a new marker for progression and metastasis of gastric carcinoma.
    A systematic review of low-dose rituximab in monodonal antibody in the treatment of warm autoimmune hemolytic anemia
    2017, 37(10):  1444-1448. 
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    Objective Standard dose rituximab (375mg/m2/week x 4) has been recommended as salvage regimen for refractory and recurrent warm autoimmune hemolytic anemia (wAIHA). The effect of low-dose rituximab in wAIHA is worth of further study. Method Through a comprehensive literature search through PUBMED and CNKI databases, 13 articles containing 172 cases were included in the systematic review. Result The current understanding of low-dose rituximab in wAIHA is limited. Based on the summary of these studies, the overall response rate was 87.8% with 62.8% complete response and 25% partial response. Since each study only enrolled several cases, the relapse rates markedly varied from 0 to 62.5%. Nevertheless, re-treatment of low-dose rituximab was still effective in some relapsed patients. No significant adverse events were reported. Conclusion Present literature analysis suggests that low-dose rituximab could be an effective and safe therapy for wAIHA. However, large-sized, prospective, randomized trials are needed to further prove these results.
    Clinical analysis of fungal esophagitis
    2017, 37(10):  1449-1451. 
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    Objective To sum up the experience in diagnosis of fungal esophagitis. Methods An analysis was performed on clinical data of 38 cases of fungal esophagitis diagnosed through gastroscopy in Peking Union Medical College Hospital from 2013 to 2015. Results Of 38 cases, 26 were males and 12 were females. The mean age was (54.0±1.5) years old. 76.3% had at least one risk factor. 7 patients had oral candidiasis and 10 patients had typical symptom of fungal esophagitis. Endoscopic severity was classified according to Kodsi’s grade: gradeⅠ 6 cases, grade Ⅱ 29 cases, grade Ⅲ 1 case,grade Ⅳ 2 cases. Most patients were treated with systemic antifungal therapy. However, one patient’s fungal esophagitis resolved without any treatment. Conclusions Endoscopy with biopsy is a valuable definitive diagnostic method for fungal esophagitis, especially for asymptomatic patients or those without oral candidiasis. Systemic antifungal treatment is recommended with fluconazole as the first choice. Further studies are needed to determine if systemic antifungal therapy is necessary for asymptomatic and immunocompetent patients with mild fungal esophagitis.
    Explore the essence features of Yin Deficiency "internal heat"
    2017, 37(10):  1452-1453. 
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    Budesonide reduces airway inflammation in asthmatic mice
    2017, 37(10):  1454-1455. 
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    Progress in research on JAK/STAT3 signaling pathway regulating tumor and related biological functions
    Hui TANG
    2017, 37(10):  1456-1460. 
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    JAK/STAT3 signal pathway is an important intracellular signal transduction pathway. It plays important roles in cell apoptosis and proliferation by affecting the activity of downstream effector molecules, and also induces embryonic development, liver regeneration, glycolysis and inflammation, epithelial-mesenchymal transition and angiogenesis and a series of biogenesis process, closely related to the development of human cancer.
    Progress in the study of the formation and function characteristics of stress granules and its correlation with diseases
    Feng-Ying LIANG
    2017, 37(10):  1461-1465. 
    Asbtract ( 826 )   PDF (428KB) ( 807 )  
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    When face various environment stimulation ,eukaryotic cells form some dense granules in hyalomitome ,that are stress granules(SGs).They have function of antioxidant and inhibit apoptosis. Interactions between mRNA-binding proteins promote stress granule formation. Assembly and disassembly of stress granules are modulated by various post-translational modifications as well as numerous ATP-dependent RNP or protein remodeling complexes.Stress granules have the ability of liquidity,and energy input is required to maintain their dynamic state.Stress granule formation can regulate the process of stress reaction, virus infection and the signal transduction.The formation of constant and the abnormal stress granules result in neurodegenerative diseases and certain types of cancer.
    Ethical reflection on human embryo gene editing research
    2017, 37(10):  1466-1469. 
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    In the wake of the first ever publication of human embryo gene editing research, scientific and ethical community cannot agree on whether the work was ethical. Regarding this, the paper summarized the main arguments for and against the research. After ethical analysis for gene editing, this paper gets the following conclusion: it should not suspend the basic research of human embryo editing, but the clinical practice should not be used not.
    Advance in the study of pyroptosis in renal inflammatory injury
    2017, 37(10):  1470-1473. 
    Asbtract ( 165 )   PDF (385KB) ( 510 )  
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    Pyroptosis is activated caspase-1 trigger special programmed cell. Recent studies have confirmed the pyroptosis in renal cells plays an important role. GSDMD cleavage caspase-1 regulating the downstream inflammatory cytokines maturation、release and triggering inflammation and pyroptosis. From renal inflammatory injury from NLRP3 activation, pyroptosis from GSDMD breakage, the review try to explain the NLRP3-caspase-1-GSDMD drived pyroptosis in renal inflammation injury to explore the essence of kidney inflammatory damage.
    Research progress on epidemiology and pathogenesis of neoplasms in acromegaly
    Xiao-peng GUO 兵 幸
    2017, 37(10):  1474-1477. 
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    Neoplasms are well known to be a complication in cases of acromegaly, especially thyroid and colorectal neoplasia. The incidence and mortality of neoplastic complications in acromegaly patients are higher than that of the general population, the pathogenesis of which is correlated with elevated serum levels of insulin-like growth factor 1(IGF-1) and activation of IGF-1 signaling pathway. Early screening and intervention of neoplastic complications play an important role in decreasing the mortality of acromegaly patients.
    Research progress of the autophagy role in angiogenesis
    2017, 37(10):  1478-1481. 
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    The autophagy is a process of cell survival by using the damaged organelles of lysosomal degradation and macromolecular material. It plays an important role in stable environment. The autophagy of cells is persisted in the pathophysiology of angiogenesis. However,To explore the development of the angiogenesis based on autophagy,is the clinical treatment ideas of the vascular disease.
    Integrated medicine concepts in pathological PBL teaching reform
    2017, 37(10):  1482-1485. 
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    PBL teaching method (problem-based leaning) has been widely carried out in pathology teaching, but it still have limitations in the implementation, and integrated medicine concepts could improve the effect of PBL teaching to a great extent. In this paper, by analyzing the necessity of integrated medicine concepts in the pathological PBL teaching, some principles are put forward to optimizing PBL teaching, including the principle of integration and the networking, unpack and topology, and perfecting the "typical case selection and the shortage of PBL mechanism". Finally, the paper indicates that deep understanding of complementary relationship between integrated medicine and PBL could help to establish medical scenario, which is easier to understand, operate and grasp, thus to promote the pathological teaching reform.
    Application of three-dimensional printed skull in the teaching of human anatomy
    2017, 37(10):  1486-1490. 
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    Objective This experiment aimed to find out the feasibility of applying 3D printing technology to anatomy education. Methods We constructed 3D printed skull using a cadaveric skull as template. 26 participants were recruited from Peking Union Medical College. All participants studied cranial anatomy with 3D printed skulls as teaching materials, and then assessed practicability of 3D printed skulls by subjective assessment questionnaires. Results 57% participants considered that 3D printed skulls can present defined cranial anatomical structures. More than 90% participants agreed that 3D printed models helped spatial comprehension and study of anatomy. 88% participants suggested 3D printing can solve the problem of ethics. 84% participants agreed to apply 3D printed models into cranial anatomy education. Conclusions The efficacy of 3D printing had been confirmed in anatomical education. Further application of 3D printing technology in medical education needs carrying out.
    Primary practice of radiologic residency standardized training in the new period
    2017, 37(10):  1491-1495. 
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    Resident standardized training is an important part of the continuing medical education after graduation, which is the only way that each clinician needs to pass. This article will focus on the status quo and existing problems of radiologic residency standardized training, and primarily explore the rules and regulations made, rotation plan arranged, training course put into practice, appraisal system established, and training quality supervised etc. We hope that some reference and inspiration can be offered for the radiologic residency standardized training in the new era.
    Physiology teaching in English for foreign students
    2017, 37(10):  1496-1499. 
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    With the continuous promotion of educational level and international exchange in China, more and more foreign students has been China to learn medicine. The Ministry of education has set up more advanced and higher educational aims for foreign students. As one of the most important fundamental courses in medicine, physiology is a high-theoretical, specialty -practical and strong-abstract course. Therefore, combined with the characteristics and language abilities of foreign students, the most urgent task is to develop a more feasible teaching plan by carefully selecting and writing textbooks, setting up multiple teaching methods, and inviting objective evaluation and assessment systems.
    Role and advance of simulation-based education in ultrasound practice training
    2017, 37(10):  1500-1503. 
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    Simulation-based ultrasound training provides repeated practice and ly feedback, which has a great advantage in improving the safety of the patient, the professional operation skill and confidence of the trainees, and the standardization of education. In this review, we discuss the classification of currently available simulation-based medical education for ultrasound teaching, its role in “diagnostic” and “interventional” ultrasound practice training, as well as current deficits pertain to the validation process.
    Quality analysis and countermeasures for master degree thesis in medical schools
    2017, 37(10):  1504-1506. 
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    The writing and preparation of a master degree thesis constitutes a touchstone of the teaching practice of medical schools, with its quality being a key indicator for both the competence of the medical students at large and the education quality of the school in question. Based on analysis of the problems found and their influencing factors, the paper made rational proposals on improvement of theses quality. Motivate potential power of the students by enhance their research competence; improve the guidance power by effective communication between teachers and students; supervise the process of guiding the paper and its writing to ensure the quality of master's theses. The elevating the research paper levels and research capacities of master degree postgraduates of medical schools in general will promote the development of medical science.