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    05 December 2013, Volume 33 Issue 12
    Thought on physiological teaching reform and construction of Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) induced by the 37th International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS) Conference
    peng ZHANG Xiao-zhong PENG
    2013, 33(12):  1511-1515. 
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    Physiology was one of fundamental subjects of life science. This Article gave some advices and ideas on physiology teaching and research for Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, PUMC. Which were enlightened from the latest international physiological progress on the 37th IUPS. Department of physiology of PUMC’s past was distinguished by his history and talented people. How to carry on past traditions and open up a new way for those who follow is the duty of scientists now.
    Intravenous transplantation of human amniotic mesenchymal stem cells improves cardiac function in rats with acute myocardial infraction
    2013, 33(12):  1516-1522. 
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    Objectives To investigate whether intravenously transplanted human amniotic mesenchymal stem cells (hAMSCs) could improve cardiac function ,and reduce myocardial fibrosis in rats with acute myocardial infarction(MI). Methods The phenotype of hAMSCs was analyzed by flow cytometry (FCM) .MI models were built by left anterior descending artery ligation in male SD rats. The rats were randomly divided into sham operation group, model group and hAMSCs transplanted group, with twelve in each group. At seven days after the MI, 2×106 of BrdU labeled hAMSCs or vehicle (control group) were intravenously administered to rats. At different times after transplantation, echocardiogram, histopathology, immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence were performed to observe the effects of hAMSCs transplantation on cardiac function ,ventricular remodeling, and histopathologic change , as well as the survival and differentiation of the transplanted cells in the MI regions. Results ①The hAMSCs group showed a significant improvement in ejection fraction and left ventriccular fractinal shortening compared with those in the model group at 1w, 4w and 6w after transplantatio. In this group there were also a significant increase in left ventricular anterolateral wall thickness at diastole and left ventricular anterolateral wall thickness at systole.②Six weeks after hAMSCs transplantation, the percentage of fibrosis area was decreased singnifcantly compared with the model group.③the cardiac-specific protein connexin -43, α-actinin and desmin positive cells were detected in BrdU-labeled cells.Conclusion Intravenous transplantation of hAMSCs can improve cardiac function and myocardial fibrosis after MI , and transplanted hAMSCs may differentiate into cardiomyocytes in the myocardial infarction zone.
    The Effects of H2O2 on the Hyperpolarization- Activated Cyclic Nucleotide-Gated Channel Current and its Mechanisms in Neonatal Rat Cardiomyocytes
    2013, 33(12):  1523-1527. 
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    Objective To identify the effects of exogenous hydrogen peroxide on the Hyperpolarization-Activated Cyclic Nucleotide-Gated Channel (HCN) current and its mechanisms in Neonatal Rat Ventricle Cardiomyocytes (NRVM). Methods NRVM from 1- to 3-day-old Wister rats were prepared by collagenase digestion, and incubatd in 37℃, 95%CO2 for patch-clamp recording and western-blotting analysis. Results Our data shown that exposure (~20 min) of NRVM to H2O2 (100 μmol/L) markedly increased If density (4.7±0.6 pA/pF vs. 11.7±1.1 pA/pF) along increased conductance (Gmax: 48.7±5.6 pS/pF vs. 192.6±64.1 pS/pF), a shift in activation voltage (V1/2) to positive potentials (-81.2±1.6 mV vs. -64.7±2.0 mV) and increase rate of activation (tact) (523.4±24.7 ms vs. 337.5±24.9 ms). Moreover, stimulation by H2O2 was largely inhibited by the non-specific tyrosine kinase blocker genistein (1μmol/L) or the c-Src-specific inhibitor PP2 (10 μmol/L). Augmented tyrosine phosphorylation of HCN2 channels with H2O2 treatment by determined by H2O2 Western blot using the phosphotyrosine specific antibody 4G10. Furthermore, the augmented If current was inhibited by pre-treatment with Trx receptor inhibitor (Auranofin 10nmol/L; 13-cis-retinoic acid 1 μmol/L). On the other hand, If current of NRVMs was also increased by treated with non-specific PTP inhibitors, phenylarsine oxide (PAO 1 μmol/L) or Na-orthovanadate (Na3VO4 10 μmol/L). Conclusion These data suggest that the c-Src family of tyrosine kinase mediate the augmentation of If density by oxidant agent H2O2 via a redox mechanism involving the Trx system.
    Silencing Survivin gene inhibits cell proliferation and hTERT expression in SW480 cells
    2013, 33(12):  1528-1532. 
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    Objective Observation of Survivin gene interference effect on the proliferation of SW480 cells, to investigate the effects of the gene expression of hTERT and its mechanism of interference. Methods Small hairpin RNA targeting Survivin was synthesized and recombinant plasmid pGenesil-1.1-Survivin was constructed. The siRNA recombinant was transfected into SW480 cell lines. These cell proliferation activities were detected by MTT and the cell cycles were analyzed by flow cytometry. The expression levels of hTERT and Sp1 mRNA and protein were analyzed by The real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR and western blotting, respectively. Telomerase activity was examined by TRAP-ELISA analysis. To construct the interference vector targeting Sp1 and transfect into SW480 cell, hTERT mRNA and protein, telomerase activity were examined. Results The cell proliferation rate of SW480 cells transfected with siRNA- Survivin recombinant vector was significantly decreased, the inhibitory rate of cell proliferation was 34.44%(P<0.05),an increase in the percentage of cells in the G0 / G1 phase and a decrease in the percentage of cells in the S and G2/M phase(P<0.01).that expressions of hTERT and Sp1 mRNA and protein, telomerase activity were decreased in shRNA-Survivin and shRNA-Sp1 transfected cells, respectively(P<0.01). Conclusion silencing Survivin gene significant inhibition the proliferation of SW480 cells and down-regulation of hTERT gene expression, its mechanism may be related with down-regulation of Sp1 gene expression.
    DNA methylation analysis for CpG island targeted siRNA induced P16 silencing
    2013, 33(12):  1532-1537. 
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    Objective P16 CpG island targeted short interfering RNAs (siRNAs) were designed to analyze whether RNA-directed DNA methylation (RdDM) functions in formation of P16 methylation in mammalian cells. Methods BGC823 cells were transduced with siRNAs targeted to promoter and exon1 region of P16, respectively. Semi-quantitative RT-PCR and western blot were used for P16 expression detection. DNA methylation statuses were also analyzed with methylation specific PCR (MSP) and bisulfite clone sequencing. Results The promoter and exon1 targeted siRNAs could decrease P16 expression. Nevertheless, both siRNAs could not induce methylation of targeted DNA. Conclusions The present data indicates that siRNAs can not down-regulate P16 gene expression through inducing DNA methylation in BGC823 cell line.
    The effect of Pep-1-vMIP-II on mouse anti-HIV-I gene
    2013, 33(12):  1538-1543. 
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    Objective: Explore the role of fusion protein Pep-1-vMIP-II influence the expression of mice ARGs gene and in resistance to HIV-I infection. Methods: Smear the mouse back with protein Pep-1-vMIP-II, 2 hours later, and using immunohistochemical methods to evaluate the determination of vMIP-II in different tissues and organs penetrate. After smear the mouse back with protein for 24 hours, using real-time quantitative PCR to detect the ARGs mRNA expression levels in different tissues and organs.Graphpad Prism 5 software was used to analyze experimental data. Resμlts: Pep-1-vMIP-II can penetrate the cell membrane into the nucleus 2 hours later, and the distribution significantly increased in the kidney(P<0.05); After the smear of Pep-1-vMIP-II 24 hours, the expression levels of CCL5 mRNA were significantly increased in leucocytes, kidney, liver ,heart , lung (P<0.05),but there is no significant increase of CCL5 mRNA expression levels in the brain tissue; MX1, MX2 are upregμlated in a variety of tissues(P<0.05). Conclusions: Fusion protein Pep-1-vMIP-II can penetrate the skin into the kidney tissue in mice. Mainly through the activation of the CCL5 gene play an important regulatory role.
    The anticancer activities of an isatin chalcone used alone or in combinations with anticancer drugs or inhibitors
    2013, 33(12):  1544-1548. 
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    Objective Investigate anticancer effects and mechanisms of o-nitrobenzyl-isatinyl chalcone (ONIC) used alone or in drug combination. Method Detection of proliferation inhibition on cultured cancer cells treated with ONIC. Using Chou’s and Jin’s methods to evaluate drug combination effects among ONIC and ten anticancer drugs or pathway inhibitors. Result ONIC had potent in vitro anticancer activity against eight cancer cell lines. Five drugs were shown to have synergetic effects with ONIC: HSP 90 inhibitor 17-AAG, Arf inhibitor brefeldin A, proteasome inhibitor bortezomib, mTOR inhibitor rapamycin, and ERK1/2 inhibitor U0126. Antagonistic effects were revealed among ONIC and three drugs: RhoA inhibitor fasudil, PI3K inhibitor LY294002, and LKB1-AMPK agonist metformin. Both the microtubule stabilizer paclitaxel and Rac1 inhibitor NSC23766 showed additive effects with ONIC. Conclusion ONIC not only itself has potent anticancer activity, but also has specific synergetic or antagonistic effects in combination with other drugs, suggesting that the RhoA pathway and the up- and downstream elements in mTOR pathway were closely related with the anticancer mechanisms of ONIC.
    Comparison of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles and lipofectamineTM 2000 connect REST-siRNA transfect human adipose mesenchymal stem cells
    rui WANG ping shi
    2013, 33(12):  1549-1553. 
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    Objective Comparison of polyethyleneimine package magnetic nanoparticles and lipofectamineTM 2000 in transfection of human adipose mesenchymal stem cells.And the feasibility, instantaneous interference efficiency and cell proliferation state, the transfection efficiency were compared. Methods The PEI-SPIO and lipofectamineTM 2000 connect REST-siRNA in vitro and transfect into human adipose mesenchymal stem cells, MTT method for determin the effects of human adipose mesenchymal stem cell proliferation and function. transfection efficiency was detected by fluorescence microscope.And REST changes were determined with Real-time PCR and Western-Blot. Results The survival rate of the PEI-SPIO method was 99% and the lipofectamineTM 2000 method was 79%(P<0.05); the transfection efficiency of PEI-SPIO was no difference, 75%和71% respectively, PEI-SPIO and lipofectamineTM 2000 as gene carrier at RNA level was (0.46±0.04) and (0.53±0.05) respectively,and at protein level was (0.501±0.006) and (0.523±0.004) respectively. Conclusion Magnetic nanoparticles because of its low toxicity can replace the lipofectamineTM 2000 transfect stem cells as a gene vector.
    Information analysis of iPSCs and Its Translational Medicine
    2013, 33(12):  1554-1559. 
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    Object To analyze the current status,main research area of iPSCs and its translational medicine research. Methods the study conducts a bibliometric analysis of iPSCs by collecting 2859 papers from Web of Science (WOS) in the period of 2006-2013, combining ClinicalTrials datababse with Cortellis for Competitive Intelligence to analyze the clinical trial and drug development of iPSCs. Results The number of iPSCs papers is published with rapid increasing of 159% per year. According to the number of papers, citations per paper and relative advance index, USA and Japan are the world leading in iPSCs area. Based on the number of published papers, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Jiaotong University rank the top 20 institution in the world, but their citations per paper and relative advance index both under the average level of the global. The percent of funding supported papers increases from 36% in 2008 o 81% in 2012. Influencing factors of reprogramming and application study is the hot area in iPSCs, and drug development and regenerative medicine are the priorities in translation medicine. Conclusion From bench study to clinical application is the necessary direction in iPSCs, and its security is the primary issue to be solved in translational research.
    Establishing serum creatinine reference intervals of healthy adolescents in Heilongjiang province
    2013, 33(12):  1560-1563. 
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    Objective To analyze the serum creatinine level among apparently healthy adolescents in Heilongjiang Province and establish the reference intervals of serum creatinine in different gender and different age groups of adolescents. Methods Large sample clinical epidemiological investigation was applied by two-stage clustering sampling method. Random sample of 2 281 primary and secondary school students from 8 to 18-year-old was selected from different district of Heilongjiang Province including Harbin and Mudanjiang from July 2008 to June 2009. The fasting venous blood was collected and serum was separated, then serum creatinine concentration was measured as soon as possible. After screening outlier individual, a total of 2 276 subjects were enrolled involving 1 039 male and 1 237 female, of which 1 392 Han and 884 Chinese Korean. Percentile was used to describe the distribution of serum Cr level of different growth stages and the reference intervals of serum Cr for adolescents were established by gender and age (P2.5 to P97.5). Results The reference intervals of creatinine for <11, 11~12, 13~14, 15~16, and 17~18 year-old males were 35~60、39~70、45~81、54~88、60~98μmol/L respectively while for females were 35~60、39~70、45~81、54~88、60~98μmol/L respectively. The concentration of Cr increased with age and was higher in Males than in Females(P<0.001). No difference of Cr level was seen between Chinese Han and Chinese Korean. Conclusion The reference intervals of serum creatinine for healthy adolescents in Heilongjiang Province are established, which supply good reference value for clinicians, especially pediatricians to judge and assess renal function in patients 8 to 18 years of age.
    Notch signaling mediateds BMP9-induced osteogenic differentiation of mesenchynal stem cells C2C12 through MAPK pathway
    2013, 33(12):  1564-1571. 
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    Objective To analysis the role of Notch signaling pathway in bone morphogentic protein 9 (BMP9) induced osteogenic diffierentiaion of C2C12 cells through MAPK signaling. Methods C2C12 cells were infected by recombinant adenovirus expressing BMP9,then the total protein level and phosphorylated form of p38,Erk1/2,JNK MAPKs were determined by RT-PCR and Western blot. After treatment C2C12 cells with DAPT,the early osterogenic marker,ALP activity were detected by quantitative and staining assay, later ostergenic marker calcium deposition was determined by Alizarin Red S staining. The expression of ostergenic marker genes Runx2 and OCN, BMPs target genes Id1,Id2,Id3 were analysed by RT-PCR and Western Blot.The total protein level and phosphorylated form of p38, Erk1/2 and JNK MAPKs were determined by Western blot. Results BMP9 increased Hey1 and Notch ligands and receptors mRNA level and the protein expression of Hey1 and phosphorylated form of p38,Erk1/2 and JNK MAPKs, not the total protein level. The Notch specific inhibitor DAPT dose-dependently decreased ALP activity and calcium deposition. Furthermore, DAPT inhibited the RNA expression of BMPs target genes Id1, Id2, Id3. Moreover, The BMP9-induced phosphorylated form of p38, Erk1/2 were reduced by treatment with DAPT. Conclusion Notch signaling may involve in BMP9 induced osteoblast commitment of C2C12 mesenchymal stem cells through MAPK signaling pathway.
    The analysis between AMS and the correlated predisposing genes of ascentting of plateau in mononuclear cells of peripheral blood
    pan-pan FANG Cui-Cui GONG Bao-Cheng CANG Zheng-Min LI Zong-Jie LI Wen-Li LI Chuan-Jie ZHU Ying-Tao WANG
    2013, 33(12):  1572-1575. 
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    Objective To explore the change of expression of hypoxia inducing factor 1(HIF-1? ), P38MARK and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF )after ascenting of plateau in vivo, and the correlation with the pathogenesy of AMS. Methods Collecting soldiers' venous blood before they asent of plateau and after they arrive in Yushu in Qinghai province 48 h later, extracting mononuclearcell the expression of mRNA of HIF-1? and P38MARK were detected by RT-PCR and the expression of protein of HIF-1? and VEGF was detected by Western blotting. The AMS is diagnosed according to《The Diagnose And Processing Principle Of AMS 》 Results After asentting of plateau the expression levels of mRNA of HIF-1? , P38MARK and the protein of HIF-1? and VEGF all increase significancely(p<0.01). At the same time, the change of expression levels of HIF-1? and VEGF protein are highly corellated with AMS , the coefficient correlation is separately 0.806 and 0.675(p<0.001). Conclusion The expression level of HIF-1?, P38MARK and VEGF increase significantly after asentting of plateau, especially the changes of HIF-1? protein and VEGF, it is highly correlated with the extent of AMS.
    Luteolin pretreatment mitigate apoptotosis on neonatal rat myocardial cells by hydrogen peroxide induction
    2013, 33(12):  1576-1580. 
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    Objective Anti-apoptotosis and antioxidant effect of luteolin pretreatment on neonatal rat myocardial cells induced by hydrogen peroxide. Methods Myocardial cells are clipped from 1-3 days of neonatal rat. Different groups were set after conventional culture,such as normal groups, the model groups,1μmol/L、10μmol/L、50μmol/L、100μmol/L and 200μmol/L luteolin pretreatment groups. After pretreatment two hours and the 1mmol/L H2O2 oxidative injury 2 hours, MTT datas are detected each group. We selected 100μmol/L luteolin as the pretreatment groups of baseing on the results of the MTT. The different groups are observed about cell morphology, cell pulsating, Hoechst33342-PI double-staining and detected MMP by Rhodamine 123 staining. The activity is detected of LDH,MDA and SOD,and detection of apoptosis . Results Compared with model groups, luteolin pretreatment groups of myocardial cell viability is significantly(P<0.01). The morphology and pulsating are good condition(P<0.01)and apoptosis reduction, and the degree of injury of the mitochondrial is decreased(P<0.01) and SOD activity increased(P<0.01), LDH and MDA generation is suppressed(P<0.01). Conclusion Preconditioning of luteolin on H2O2-induced myocardial injury has a protective effect. Anti-apoptotic effect of luteolin may be related to the antioxidant.
    Effects of specific small interfering RNA against nucleus accumbens-1 gene on cell proliferation of ovarian cancer cells and Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway
    2013, 33(12):  1581-1585. 
    Asbtract ( 783 )   PDF (882KB) ( 507 )  
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    Objective To investigate the mechanism of nucleus accumbens-1(Nac1 or NAC-1)protein on the proliferation of ovarian cancer cell line HO8910. Methods Specific NAC-1 siRNAs and one negative siRNA were individually transfected into HO8910 cells for 48 h . Levels of NAC-1, β-catenin, LRP6, cyclinD1, and survivin mRNA and protein were analyzed by real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR (qRT-PCR) and Western blotting, respectively. The cell proliferation was determined by MTT assay and plate clone formation assay. The distribution of cell cycle was assessed by flow cytometry. Results After NAC-1 siRNA treatment for 48 h, not only the NAC-1 gene was silenced in HO8910 cells, the cell growth was inhibited, and cell cycle arrested in G1 phase, but also the activity of Wnt/β-catenin signaling decreased significantly, which levels of β-catenin, cyclinD1, and survivin proteins, cyclinD1 and survivin mRNA all decreased, as compared with the control groups, the difference was statistically significant. However, NAC-1 gene silencing in ovarian carcinoma cells HO8910 did not affect levels of p-LRP6 protein, LRP6 mRNA and β -catenin mRNA, as compared with the control groups, the difference was not statistically significant. Conclusion NAC-1 enhance the activity of WNT signaling pathway through the regulation of β -catenin protein level, promote ovarian cancer HO8910 cell proliferation.
    Construction and sequence analysis of cDNA library of pterygium
    2013, 33(12):  1586-1589. 
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    Objective To study the mechanism of pterygium and find the related genes. Methods The cDNA library of pterygium was built by SMART technology, from which 800 clones were selected at random, sequenced and analyzed. Results The storage capacity of the cDNA library was 1.2×106, the recombination frequency was 94%, with an average fragment size around 1 kb. 663 unigenes were obtained after editing and trimming the vector and ambiguous sequences, including 549 singlets and 114 contigs. After BLAST analysis of these sequences, 85 ESTs(12.82%) had no comparable sequences in databases, 578 ESTs(87.18%) had homology with some genes in the GenBank. 578 ESTs were classified according to the Gene Ontology (GO) and classification standard of gene expression profile of human tissue. The results showed that genes were involved in transcription and translation system with the highest abundance of ESTs (41%). Additionally, some putative genes related to formation of pterygium were found. Conclusions The cDNA library was established for the first time at home, which may provide a reference value for the analysis of pathologic mechanism of pterygium.
    Over expression of EphA2 in different cell lines of hepatocellular carcinoma and its relationship with HBV infection
    2013, 33(12):  1590-1594. 
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    Objective To investigate the expression of EphA2 in human hepatocellular carcinoma and its relationship with HBV infection. Methods Expressions of EphA2 protein in the cell lines of HL7702, HepG2 and HepG2.2.15 were examined by immunochemistry staining and Western blotting. The proliferation index and apoptotic ratio were determined by FCM, and the relationship between EphA2 expression and cellular apoptosis and proliferation were analyzed. The levels of HBV DNA in hepatocellular carcinoma cells were detected by real-time PCR and its relationship with EphA2 expression were analyzed. Results EphA2 expression increased in hepatocellular carcinoma cells comparing with that in normal hepatic cells (P<0.05) and the expression level of EphA2 in HepG2.2.15 was higher than that in HepG2 (P<0.01). The proliferation index was increased and the apoptotic ratio was decreased in hepatocellular carcinoma cells comparing with that in normal hepatic cells (P<0.01), and the cell apoptosis and proliferation were associated with EphA2 expression (P<0.01). The level of HBV DNA in HepG2.2.15 was higher than that in HepG2 (P<0.01) and the level of HBV DNA in hepatocellular carcinoma cells was positively correlated with EphA2 expression (r=0.878,P<0.05). Conclusion EphA2 protein is over-expressed in hepatocellular carcinoma and the overexpression of EphA2 inhibits the apoptosis and promotes the proliferation of liver cells. EphA2 overexpression is close associated with HBV infection.
    Expression and Clinical Significance of Beclin1 and Atg5 in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Tissue
    2013, 33(12):  1595-1599. 
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    Objective To investigate the expression of Beclin1 and Atg5 in ovarian tumor tissues, and explore their correlations to the tumorigenesis and development of epithelial ovarian carcinoma. Methods Normal ovarian tissues, benign ovarian tumor, and epithelial ovar ian carcinoma were collected from 30 patients respectively. Expressions of Beclin1 and Atg5 mRNA were detected by RT-PCR. The protein expressions of Beclin1 and Atg5 were detected by immunohistochemistry. Results The mRNA and protein levels of Beclin1 and Atg5,as well as their positive rates were significantly higher in normal tissues and benign tissues compared with epithelial ovarian carcinoma, P<0.01.Conclusions Expressions of Beclin1 and Atg5 are down regulated in epithelial ovarian cancer tissues. The inhibition of autophagic capacity may be related to tumorigenesis and the development of epithelial ovarian cancer.
    Changes of VCAM-1 protein expression in human brain glioma and its clinical significance
    2013, 33(12):  1600-1604. 
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    Objective By observing the changes of vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 (VCAM-1) protein expression in human brain glioma tissue to determine its correlation with tumor pathological grade and clinical significance. Methods The distribution and changes of VCAM-1 protein expression in 6 normal brain and 30 brain glioma tissue were detected by using immunohistochemistry staining and Western blot analysis. Results The results of immunohistochemistry staining showed that the percentage of VCAM-1 positive cell number in normal brain tissue, grade II, III and IV brain glioma tissue were 5.8%, 26.5%, 69.5% and 79.3%, respectively. The VCAM-1 positive cells mainly distributed along the tumor capillaries in high pathological grade glioma. The number of VCAM-1 positive cells in glioma tissue was significantly higher than that of normal brain tissue (p<0.05). The higher number of VCAM-1 positive cells in grade III and IV glioma tissue was observed when compared with that of grade II glioma tissue(p<0.05), but no significant difference was found between grade III and grade IV glioma tissue (p=0.068). Similarly, the Western blot analysis alse indicated that there were more VCAM-1 protein expressions in brain glioma tissue with the increase of the tumor grade level when compared with the less VCAM-1 expressed in normal brain tissue (p<0.05). In addition ,the VCAM-1 protein expressions in high pathological grade III and IV glioma tissue extensively increased compared with glioma II glioma tissue (p<0.05), but no significant difference in VCAM-1 protein expressions was observed between grade III and IV glioma tissue. Conclusion The significant increase of VCAM-1 protein expressions in brain glioma tissue positively correlated with the tumor pathological grades, suggesting an important role of VCAM-1 in the malignant progress of human brain glioma.
    Hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin inclusion increased the inhibition effects of curcumin on A549 cell proliferation and induces the cell apoptosis in vitro
    2013, 33(12):  1605-1610. 
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    Objective The purpose of this study is to study the increased effects of curcumin (CUR) on A549 cell proliferation inhibition and induction apoptosis via including CUR into the hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin inclusion. Methods The inhibition rates were determined by MTT assay. Invert microscope was used to observe the changes of A549 cells after reated with CUR and CUR Hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin(CURCD) . Flow cytometric analysis was performed to detecte the cell cycle, apoptosis, reactive oxygen species, free Ca2+ concentration, mitochondrial membrane potential. Results CURCD had effects on the proliferative activity of human pulmonary adenocarcinoma cell line A549 in a dose-dependent manner. Flow cytometric analysis indicated that cell cycles was blockaged at S/G2 phases, and cell apoptosis was obviously observed, reactive oxygen species and free Ca2+ concentration were increased, mitochondrial membrane potential were decreased. The differences were remarkable between CUR and CURCD. Conclusion CURCD obviously increases the inhibition effects of CUR on A549 cell proliferation and induces its apoptosis.
    Investigation to indication of endopyelotomy to ureteropelvic junction obstruction
    2013, 33(12):  1611-1613. 
    Asbtract ( 767 )   PDF (408KB) ( 472 )  
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    Objective To investigate indication of endopyelotomy to ureteropelvic junction obstruction(UPJO). Methods From Match 2007 to Match 2011, endopyelotomy was performed to 23 patients and dismembered pyeloplasty to 29 patients. We try to investigate indication of endopyelotomy by comparing success rates of the two procedures. Results The success rate of endopyelotomy was lower than that of pyeloplasty in UPJO patients with unfavorable features including severe hydronephrosis, crossing vessel ,long narrowed segment of ureteopelvic junction(>2 cm )and small calibrate double-J stent inserted in operation , the difference between two group was statistically significant(P<0.01),while the difference was not statistically significant in patients without those features. Conclusions Endopyelotomy is indicated to UPJO patients with features including moderate hydronephrosis, no crossing vessel, short narrowed segment and fail pyeloplasty ,and large calibrate double-J stent should be inserted in operation.
    A retrospective analysis of 1152 cases of post-operative intravenous patient control analgesia
    2013, 33(12):  1614-1618. 
    Asbtract ( 109 )   PDF (545KB) ( 487 )  
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    Objective To evaluate the efficacy of intravenous patient control analgesia in one center. Methods Data of surgical inpatients in PUMCH from January 1st to June 30th, 2012 were analyzed. Results The maximum VAS score of postoperative pain at rest of different procedure (lower abdomen/pelvis, upper abdomen, thoracic and orthopedic) had no significant difference, the maximum VAS score of post operative pain during movement were significantly different (p < 0.05), thoracic > upper abdomen, orthopedic >lower abdomen. Postoperative sedation scores were significantly different (p <0.001), sedation scores of orthopedic patients was much higher. The maximum VAS score of postoperative pain at rest,during movement between morphine, fentanyl, sufentanil, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and opioids + non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs were no significant different. Postoperative sedation scores were no different. Conclusion The efficacy of intravenous patient control analgesia in PUMCH was similar with foreign researchers’. Poor pain control during movement, especially in thoracic, upper abdomen and orthopedic procedure. Sedation score of orthopedic procedure was much higher. Different opioids or combined with Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory Drugs may not improve clinical practice.
    Application of iPSC technique in disease modeling
    Wen-bo liu XIN FU Ran XIAO
    2013, 33(12):  1626-1629. 
    Asbtract ( 148 )   PDF (513KB) ( 711 )  
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    The procedure of employing induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology for in vitro disease modeling is as follow: 1) generation of patient-specific iPSCs; 2) characterization of iPSCs; 3) differentiation of iPSCs into disease-relevant subtypes; 4) utilization of iPSCs and subtypes to recapitulate features and development of the original disease; 5) pharmacological interventions.
    Research progress in integrin α5β1 and ischemic cerebrovascular disease
    xia YAO Ming ZHANG
    2013, 33(12):  1630-1633. 
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    Cerebral ischemic stroke(CIS)is a life-threntening disease characterized by high risk,high-mortality,Studies in recent years have found that integrin alpha5beta1 (a5β1) is associated with the vascular growth in many organs including the brain and modulation of the activity of glia after ischemic stroke .The brain protection function of a5β1 will provide a new clue for CIS therapy.
    Research progress on engineered nucleases for genome site-specific editing
    2013, 33(12):  1634-1637. 
    Asbtract ( 125 )   PDF (518KB) ( 699 )  
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    Engineered nucleases have been successfully applied to a variety of cells and organisms. The programmable engineered nucleases, with sequence-specific cleavage activity, enable a broad range of genome editing by inducing DNA double-strand breaks that stimulate DNA repair at specific genomic locations.
    Epigenetics in cancer drug-resistance
    2013, 33(12):  1638-1641. 
    Asbtract ( 110 )   PDF (557KB) ( 546 )  
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    Anti-tumor drug remains the primary treatment for most disseminated cancers. However, the response to anti-tumor drug is often transient, and development of resistance is one of the most significant obstacles to effective cancer therapy. The molecular mechanisms underlying cancer resistance are only partially understood. In addition to genetic changes, reversible transcriptional states controlled by epigenetic are believed to play a role in generating dynamic drug-resistance. These observations have important clinical consequences as they provide an opportunity for exploring a more efficient epigenetic therapy as well as potential biomarkers mediating non-invasive monitoring.
    Role of genomic instability in gastric carcinogenesis
    2013, 33(12):  1642-1645. 
    Asbtract ( 95 )   PDF (520KB) ( 675 )  
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    Gastric carcinoma is characterized by genomic instability, researches show that genomic instability play significant roles in the pathological process of chronic atrophic gastritis, gastric ulcer, atypical hyperplasia, intestinal metaplasia and gastric carcinoma. Above all, relevant researches will provide new guidance for the earlier diagnosis, immunotherapy and prognostic evaluation of gastric cancer.
    The role of the bone marrow vascular niche that maintains the "stem" of hematopoietic stem cells
    2013, 33(12):  1646-1649. 
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    The hematopoietic microenvironment is the survival "fertile soil"of hematopo- ietic stem cells( HSCs) .It has been confirmed that the endothelial cells and perivascular cells are the pivotal components to cultivate and maintain HSCs in the bone marrow vascular tissue,highlighting its necessity to regulate HSCs.
    Student evaluation of PBL tutors with different academic titles and professional backgrounds
    2013, 33(12):  1650-1653. 
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    Objective To explore the influence of PBL teacher’s age, academic title and expertise on tutor performance evaluation by medical students in School of Basic Medical Sciences at Peking University. Methods Evaluation scores of PBL tutor performance by medical students from February 2012 to June 2013 were analyzed. Results The evaluation scores of tutors with the title of professor were higher than that of teachers with the title of associate professor and lecturer. Performance scores by students were higher in the tutor group with the age over 50 years. Significant difference in two tutor rating parameters, i.e. preparation & attitude and communication & feedback, was observed between tutors with and without expertise close to the PBL teaching content. Conclusion Differences in tutor evaluation by medical students emphasize necessity of adopting different strategies by the school to train tutors with different academic ranks and professional backgrounds. The results of the study have direct implications for PBL faculty development.
    Exploration and Practice of biochemical experimental teaching innovation system in the Chinese medicine profession teaching
    2013, 33(12):  1654-1656. 
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    It is difficult experiment in Chinese medicine undergraduate education, the Chinese medicine profession Biochemistry teaching content can be adapted to students. We apply the related Western medicine education courses teaching system, it will cause the experimental teaching is a validation and demonstration content-based, so that the artificial division of the knowledge of the human body system. It is particularly important to establish the experimental teaching system for in medical undergraduate medical education. We have implemented the teaching system and practice of biochemical experiments teaching, stimulate students' association and creativity, and laid the foundation for the improvement of students' creative thinking and innovation capability.