Basic & Clinical Medicine ›› 2017, Vol. 37 ›› Issue (3): 419-421.

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Progress in the study of epigenetic regulation of airway smooth muscle cells in asthma


  • Received:2016-08-22 Revised:2016-11-01 Online:2017-03-05 Published:2017-02-23

Abstract: Hyperplasia of smooth muscle cells is a major aspect of airway remodeling in asthma.In recent years, people gradually found that the epigeneticsplays an important role on the proliferation of airway smooth muscle cells and the secretion of inflammatory cytokines, including DNA methyltransferase inhibitors to inhibit the phenotype transformation; histone acetylation related with hypertrophy. In addition, the Mir-RNA can be related with the regulation of a variety of physiological functions of airway smooth muscle cells of asthma model, including inhibition of proliferation and release of inflammatory factors. Hope that epigenetics can become a new target for the treatment of asthma.

Key words: Asthma, Airway smooth muscle cell, Epigenetics