Basic & Clinical Medicine ›› 2016, Vol. 36 ›› Issue (4): 451-455.

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Association of CETP I405V polymorphism with serum lipid levels in the long-lived population


  • Received:2015-10-19 Revised:2015-12-20 Online:2016-04-05 Published:2016-03-29

Abstract: Objective To explore the polymorphism of CETP I405V in the long-lived population residing Guangxi Hongshuihe River Basin and explore the possible association with lipid level and human longevity in the region. Methods Genotyping of CETP I405V was performed with PCR-RFLP for 523 long-lived individuals (HL) and 498 non-long-lived individuals (HNL) from Guangxi Hongshuihe River Basin. Association analyses were conducted among genotypes and serum lipids. Results (1) The main allelic (I) and genotypic (II, IV) frequencies of the people in this area were 58.96%,34.28%,49.36%. When stratified by gender and BMI, no significantly different allelic and genotypic frequency on CETP I405V loci was found in the HL. However, when stratified by gender, females in HNL were found to carry more II, VV and less IV than did males(P<0.01). The frequency of VV and II in the HNL was found higher while IV was lower in the overweight subgroup than that in the non-overweight(P<0.05). (2) No difference was revealed among genotypes in both HL and HNL of serum lipid levels. When stratified by group, gender and BMI, serum lipid levels among the genotypes presented different changing trends, but lack of rules to follow. Conclusion There are no correlation between the polymorphism of CETP I405V and natural longevity of in Guangxi Hongshuihe region. The lipid profiles of long-lived individuals might be modulated by other unrevealed variants and their interplay with non-genetic factors.

Key words: Key words: CETP, Longevity, Lipid, polymorphism

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