Basic & Clinical Medicine ›› 2009, Vol. 29 ›› Issue (1): 38-41.

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Differential proteomic analysis of the pancreas from diabete rat

Wei PAN, Song WU, Xing LI, Guo-zhen YANG, Fang HAN, Yi-bing YIN   

  1. Gui Yang Medical College Gui Yang Medical College Chongqing University of Medical Science
  • Received:2007-12-06 Revised:2008-05-28 Online:2009-01-25 Published:2009-01-25
  • Contact: Yi-bing YIN

Abstract: Objective Through the proteomic approaches, this work was aimed to find useful information for the diabetogenic mechanism by the protein profiling of the pancrea of diabete rat. Methods The rat model of type 1 diabetes was acquired by STZ administration to Wistar rat, the protein profiling of pancrea was conducted by two-dimensional electrophoresis. Then comparative imaging analysis was conducted between diabetes model and control. In-gel digestion and MALDI-TOF-MS analysis were done to get peptide mass fingerprint(PMF). Lastly Mascot was used for the identification of proteins. Results 11 diferentially-expressed protein spots were excised for MS identification, and 4 proteins of them were identified as significant results. Conclusion The differential analysis of pancreas proteins between the diabete rat and control are helpful for the insight into the pathogenesis of Diabetes.

Key words: diabetes mellitus, rat, pancreas, proteome