Basic & Clinical Medicine ›› 2010, Vol. 30 ›› Issue (10): 1025-1028.

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Population genetic characters of Mulam's head face

Jian-hui YANG, Lian-bin ZHENG, Li-hong CHEN   

  1. Qiannan Medical College for Nationalities College of Chemistry and Life Science,Tianjin Normal University
  • Received:2010-04-09 Revised:2010-05-11 Online:2010-10-05 Published:2010-10-05
  • Contact: Lian-bin ZHENG,

Abstract: Objective: to understand th population genetic characters of Mulam's head face. Methods: Nine genetics indexes,including mongoloid fold,eyefold of the upper eyelid,front tooth type,nasal profile,nostril form,chin projection,lobe type,hair point of the forehead and hair form were investigated for 309 middle schol students(120 males and 189 females)in Mulam nationality by using cluster random sampling method. Results: (1)The rate of Mongolia fold is 72.17% ,The rate of eyefold of the upper eyelid is 84.12%,The rate of shovel-shaped front tooth type is 96.12%,The rate of umbonate nasal profile is 6.47%,The rate of wide nostril is 79.29%,The rate of protruding chin is 29.13%,The rates of ear lobe is 74.11%,The rate of pointed hair point on forehead is 24.87% and The rate of curly hair form is 0.97% in Mulam nationality;(2)eight indexes showed no sexual difference except for The rate of eyefold of the upper eyelid;(3)These nine indexes showed extremly little correlations;Conclusions: There are differences between Mulam nationality and other nationalities in Population genetic characters of head face.

Key words: mongoloid fold, eyefold of the upper eyelid:front to th type, nasal profile, nostril form, chin projection, lobe type, hair point of the forehead, hair fornq:Mulam nationality

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