Basic & Clinical Medicine ›› 2017, Vol. 37 ›› Issue (1): 133-137.

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Progress on the markers and signaling pathways of colorectal cancer stem cells


  • Received:2016-03-03 Revised:2016-05-26 Online:2017-01-05 Published:2016-12-30

Abstract: Colorectal stem cells have many markers,including Lgr5, its expression is associated with stage of disease, also regulating the cell cycle which the +4 stem cell, which is associated with tumor heterogeneity , also expressed Bmi1, arresting cell cycle.Besides there isMusashi1(Msi1).Many studies show that those markers are high expression in colorectal cancer, which activate Notch and Wnt signaling pathway, and can promote the progress of tumor.

Key words: Colorectal cancer, Lgr5, Bmi1, Musashi1(Msi1), Wnt signal, Notch signal.