Basic & Clinical Medicine ›› 2014, Vol. 34 ›› Issue (4): 541-543.

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Clinical diagnosis and treatment of multilocular cystic nephroma


  • Received:2013-11-12 Revised:2013-12-26 Online:2014-04-05 Published:2014-03-31

Abstract: Objective To determine the diagnosis and treatment of multilocular cystic nephroma.Methods We conducted a retrospective analysis, aiming to provide diagnosis and therapy for multilocular cystic nephroma. 6 cases were involved in this analysis, including three males and three females aged between 29~51 years old. Among the 6 cases, 3 were asymptomatic, 2 present with backache and 1 with macroscopic hematuria. Course of disease were between 10 days to 3 years. All cases were unilateral, 3 located in the left kidney and 3 in the right. 4 located in the lower pole and 2 in the upper pole. 5 cases were diagnosed with cystic lesions, with septum inside and 2 cases with calcification.1 case were diagnosed with malignant lesion. 4 cases undergo CT and 3 cases undergo MRI, all indicated multilocular cystic lesions, 2 cases with linear and patchy enhancement in MRI. IVP of the one case with hematuria indicated damage of the calyces and overflow of contrast agents. Results Open surgery had been carried out in all of the 6 patients, including 5 partial nephrectomy and 1 nephrectomy.All the 6 patients had been cured of the disease with no recurrence during the 1 to 15 years’ of follow up.Conclusion Ultrasonic type B and CT scanning are the major means of diagnosis before surgery.Surgery is the main choice of treatment.Nephron-sparing resection of tumor is a primary and effective therapeutic method for this disease.

Key words: kidney neoplasm, Multilocular cystic nephroma