Basic & Clinical Medicine ›› 2014, Vol. 34 ›› Issue (2): 222-225.

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Expression of PBDC1 protein and preparation of its polyclonal antibody


  • Received:2013-08-05 Revised:2013-09-24 Online:2014-02-05 Published:2014-01-13

Abstract: Objective To express and purify PBDC1 protein by prokaryotic expression system, and to prepare polyclonal antibody. Methods The gene coding sequence of PBDC1 was inserted into pET-28a(+) vector to generate the pET-28a(+)-PBDC1 recombinant plasmid. Then PBDC1 protein was expressed in E.coli BL21(DE3) by IPTG induction and detected by SDS-PAGE. The fusion protein was purified by Ni2+ affinity chromatography. New Zealand rabbits were immuized with PBDC1 protein and the antiserum was obtained. Results Highly purified PBDC1 protein was obtained and identified by mass-spectrum. Western blot verified that the polyclonal antibody can specifically recognize PBDC1 protein. Conclusions The polyclonal antibody against PBDC1 is successfully prepared, which provides an efficient reagent for futher study of its role in erythroid differentiation.

Key words: PBDC1 protein, polyclonal antibody

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