Basic & Clinical Medicine ›› 2014, Vol. 34 ›› Issue (11): 1537-1542.

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Inhibitory effect of Recombinant NDV (rl-RVG) on nude mice model inoculating with Lung Adenocarcinoma A549


  • Received:2014-03-19 Revised:2014-05-25 Online:2014-11-05 Published:2014-11-03

Abstract: Objective To explore the effects of rl-RVG recombinant adenovirus on the proliferation of A549 lung adenocarcinoma tumor-bearing mice and its mechanism of apoptosis. Methods After having infected A549 lung adenocarcinoma tumor-bearing mice with rl-RVG, the tumor volumes were detected, RT-PCR were used to detect the expression of NDV and RVG gene,,Tunnel assay used to determine the rate of cell apoptosis in tumour paraffin section and western blot was applied to measure the expression of caspase、Bax and Bcl-2 proteins. Results After rl-RVG infection, the growth of tumor in rl-RVG group were inhibited effectively(P <0.05); RT-PCR showed that RVG gene were expressed in rl-RVG group and NDV gene were expressed in both rl-RVG and NDV groups. Tunel showed that there were more tumor apoptosis in rl-RVG group(P<0.05). Western blot showed that caspase-3,8,9 protein were highly expressed in both rl-RVG and NDV groups(P<0.01). The grayscale ratio of bax/ bcl-2 was higher in rl-RVG group(P<0.01). Conclusion The study demonstrated that recombinant rl-RVG successfully, and effectively inhibited the growth of A549 lung adenocarcinoma , which may work through inducing activating bax and caspase-depended apoptosis pathway.

Key words: rl-RVG, Lung cancer, Apoptosis

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