Basic & Clinical Medicine ›› 2014, Vol. 34 ›› Issue (11): 1482-1485.

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Effects of rHSG on small airway resistance of COPD rats and the expression of TGF-β1 in fibroblasts


  • Received:2013-10-08 Revised:2014-04-22 Online:2014-11-05 Published:2014-11-03

Abstract: Objective By testing the normal rat, rat COPD model the expression of small airway fibroblasts rHSG, to look for the correlation of small airway resistance、TGF-β1 and rHSG , to explore rHSG regulation mechanism of airway remodeling. Methods Rats were randomly divided into normal group and module, to test lung function and TGF - beta 1 contenting in alveolar lavage fluid respectively. Training by applying the method of tissue mass attached airway fibroblasts, using RT-PCR and Western blot detection rHSGmRNA and protein expression. To analyze rHSG gene quantity and small airway resistance and TGF - beta 1 correlation. Results Build module rats have a cough, wheeze, stRidor and phlegm syndrome accompanied by depression, diet reduce, hair yellow, after weight loss, lung volume increases slightly, lung compliance decreased obviously, and airway resistance was significantly higher than the normal group( P < 0.01); TGF-β1 contented in alveolar lavage fluid was significantly higher than that of normal group (P < 0.01); rHSG genes expressed in normal group is higher than building group (P < 0.05), rHSGmRNA and protein are negatively correlated with RI, TGF-β1, and were positively correlated with Cdyn. Conclusions rHSG may through regulate the TGF-β1 level to intervent airway remodeling process.

Key words: 【Key words】Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, small airway resistance , rHSG, TGF-β1

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