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Subjects distribution and trends of postgraduate clinical medical education in China

  • Received:2019-03-22 Revised:2019-07-02 Online:2019-11-05 Published:2019-11-05

摘要: 目的 分析临床医学专业学位研究生教育论文主题,发现中国在研究生教育方面的研究主题分布和演变,为进一步加强研究生教育实践与管理,提升培养质量提供思路。方法 依托“万方数据库”作为文献检索资源,采用文献计量学方法,分析相关研究文献中研究主题的数量分布以及演变趋势。结果 截至2019年1月25日,共纳入符合研究题目的相关文献862篇。其中,临床医学专业学位研究生教育研究主题涉及8个大类和41个小类;2012年以后该领域的研究主题更为丰富,研究文献数量明显增长。结论 中国的临床医学专业学位研究生教育研究近年来得到较快发展。有关研究生培养的主题是该领域的研究热点。

关键词: 临床医学教育, 专业学位教育, 研究生教育

Abstract: Objective It is aimed to find out the research subjects characteristics and trends of postgraduate clinical medical education, in order to provide references for education practice and management. Methods Based on WanFang Database, related articles were retrieved. The quantity, distribution and evolvement trends of different research subjects were analyzed by bibliometrics. Results There were 41 topics from 8 sub-fields in the research field of postgraduate clinical medical education. The number of research literature has increased significantly, especially after 2012. Conclusions The research on postgraduate clinical medical education has been developing rapidly in China. And postgraduate cultivation is a hot research subject, which could be guided for educational studies.

Key words: Clinical medical education, Professional degree education, Postgraduate medical education