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Application of smart teaching based on "rain classroom" in teaching of human anatomy


  • Received:2019-04-30 Revised:2019-07-02 Online:2019-11-05 Published:2019-11-05

摘要: “雨课堂”智慧教学引入课堂,使传统的教学模式发生了翻天覆地的变化。人体解剖学是一门重要的医学基础课,传统的教学面临枯燥乏味、学习积极性低、教学效果差等困境。随着“雨课堂”在人体解剖学教学中的应用,课前推送学习目标等预习内容,充分调动学生的学习积极性和主动性;课中的雨课堂应用可显著增加教学互动、活跃课堂气氛、提高学生抬头率;课后发送复习内容和课后习题,让学生及时巩固知识。通过教学效果评价,“雨课堂”智慧教学可明显提高人体解剖学的教学质量。

关键词: 关键词:雨课堂, 智慧教学, 人体解剖学

Abstract: It has taken place great changes for the traditional teaching mode because of smart teaching based on "rain classroom" into the classroom. Human anatomy is an important basic medical course, and the traditional teaching is faced with dilemmas such as boring, low learning enthusiasm and poor teaching effect. With the application of "rain classroom" in human anatomy teaching, it can fully mobilize students' learning enthusiasm and initiative through pushing the learning objectives and other preview contents before class; it also can significantly increase the interaction between teaching and learning, create active the classroom atmosphere, and improve the rate of students raising their heads in class; it helps students to consolidate the knowledge in time as well by sending the review content and exercises after class. Smart teaching based on "rain classroom" can obviously improve the teaching quality of human anatomy through the evaluation of teaching effect.

Key words: Key words: rain classroom, wisdom teaching, human anatomy