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Correlation of perceived stress and coping with depression in patients with inflammatory bowel disease

  • Received:2019-08-11 Revised:2019-09-18 Online:2019-11-05 Published:2019-11-05

摘要: 目的 探讨炎性肠病(IBD)患者知觉压力与应对方式及抑郁水平相关性。方法 用便利抽样的方法抽取于2018年7月至2018年12月在北京协和医院消化内科住院的173例IBD患者;用知觉压力量表中文版(PSS-C)、焦虑自评量表(SAS)、简易应对方式问卷(SCSQ)进行横断面调查。结果 IBD患者知觉压力总分为(25.23±6.01)分;积极应对平均分为(1.79±0.62)分、消极应对平均分为(1.24±0.56)分;抑郁水平总分(53.43±9.64)分。IBD患者知觉压力评分与患者积极的应对方式(r=0.253,P<0.01)及抑郁症状分级(r=0.323,P<0.01)均存在相关性。结论 医务人员应重视IBD患者情绪与压力的管理,指导患者在面对疾病时采取积极的应对方式,从而提高IBD患者生活质量。

关键词: 关键词:炎性肠病, 知觉压力, 应对方式, 抑郁水平

Abstract: Objective To investigate the correlaton between perceived stress and coping style and depression in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Methods A total of 173 subjects were investigated by the Chinese version (PSS-C), the self-rating anxiety scale (SAS) and the simple coping style questionnaire (SCSQ). Data was collected between July 2018 to December 2018 in digestive department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital. Results The total score of perceived stress was (25.23 ± 6.01) ; The average score of positive coping style was (1.79 ± 0.62) ,negative coping style was (1.24 ± 0.56); the level of depression was (53.43 ± 9.64) . There was a correlation between the score of perceived stress and the positive coping style (r=0.253, P<0.01) and depressive symptoms of patients (r=0.323, P<0.01). Conclusion Medical staff should give attention to the management of emotion and stress among IBD patients. Effective measures should be developed to promote them take more positive coping styles in face of disease and improve their quality of life.

Key words: Key words: Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Perception of pressure, Coping style, Depressive level