• Instructions for Authors


    1. Aims & Scope

    2. Submission Method

    3. Review Process of Manuscripts

    4. Publishing Ethics

    5. Open Access Policy

    6. Authorship Criteria

    7. Declaration of Interest

    8. Correction and Retraction Policy

    9. Digital Archiving Policy

    10. Charging Standards

    11. Other Information for Authors

    1.    Aims & Scope

    Basic & Clinical Medicine is a comprehensive medical journal, focusing on integrating clinical practice and basic scientific research. Aiming at the frontier of modern medicine and major issues related to people's health, the journal publishes cutting-edge knowledge, trends and new technologies in various medical fields.

    The journal publishes research papers, new experimental techniques and methods, short reviews on the frontiers of basic and clinical medicine, analysis on rare clinical case, etc.

    2.    Submission Method

    Submissions must be made by the first author or corresponding author (i.e., the intellectual property owner of the article). The first author / corresponding author needs to log in to the official website of the journal ( to submit manuscript online. This journal only accepts submissions through the website and sends notifications to authors via the following two email addresses: and

    When submitting a manuscript, please complete the submission information. Please fill in the names, institutions, E-mails and other required information of all authors in order. After submission, the revision or rejection notifications of the manuscript will be sent by E-mail. Therefore, please make sure to fill in correct and valid e-mail address and phone number.

    3.    Review Process of Manuscripts

    After a manuscript is submitted to the journal, the Editorial Office will first conduct a preliminary review. Manuscripts with insufficient originality, severe scientific or technical defects, lack of valuable information, or not within the scope of the journal will be rejected. The Editorial Office will notify the authors of the preliminary review results by e-mail within 5 working days. If the manuscript passes the preliminary review, the Editorial Office will send the author a "Receiving Notification", and the author is requested to send the letter of introduction from affiliated institution and review fee to the Editorial Office after receiving the notification.

    After the preliminary review, the manuscript will go through a single-blind peer review process. Manuscripts are generally sent to 2 peer reviewers, who are selected from the journal’s editorial board members and external reviewers. The reviewers’ comments (acceptance, rejection or revision) will be sent to the corresponding author. The author needs to provide a point-by-point response to the comments and submit a revised version of the manuscript to the journal. This process will be repeated till both the reviewers and editors are satisfied with the manuscripts.

    Manuscripts from the editors or Editorial Board Members of this journal must follow the same review and editing procedures of Basic & Clinical Medicine. Peer review process will be conducted independently of relevant Editorial Board Members, editors and their research teams. All Editorial Board Members and editors of the journal are not allowed to participate in the review, editing and acceptance decisions of the manuscripts written by themselves, their families or colleagues.

    4.    Publishing Ethics

    4.1 Academic Misconduct

    Basic & Clinical Medicine only accepts original articles that have not been submitted to other journals and have not been published, and the manuscripts must not contain any content involving plagiarism. To prevent academic misconduct, the Editorial Office adopts the AMLC System by CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure) to check whether the manuscript involves any academic misconduct such as plagiarism.

    If relevant issues are found, the manuscript will be rejected. Authors must obtain all required permissions for materials that overlap with others' work and properly identify them in the manuscript to avoid plagiarism.

    4.2 Medical Ethics

    Medical research is required to follow the basic principles of medical ethics. For manuscripts reporting studies involving human participants, it is required to indicate in the main body of the manuscript that the study has obtained the letter of approval from the ethics committee of the author’s institution, as well as an informed consent signed by the subjects or their guardians. The letter of approval document from the committee should be submitted to the Editorial Office for review. In addition, the authors should protect the privacy of the subjects by taking care to obscure the face and avoid exposing patient-identifiable information such as the name or ID number in specimens and imaging pictures.

    If the manuscript involves animal experiments, the authors should state in the manuscript that the experiments follow the animal rights requirements established by the relevant ethics committee and provide the Editorial Office with a written certificate from the relevant ethics committee.

    5.    Open Access Policy

    5.1  Open Access Statement

    Basic & Clinical Medicine is an open access journal. All articles published in this journal will be immediately and permanently free for everyone to read and download.

    5.2  Licensing Policy

    Basic & Clinical Medicine adopts following license: Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0), which allows all users to freely copy and distribute all articles of the journal in any medium or format, as long as the license terms below are followed:

    Users must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes to the articles were made. Users may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the journal endorses the use. Users may not use the articles for commercial purposes. If users remix, transform, or build upon the articles, they may not distribute the modified articles. The full details of the license are available at

    5.3  Copyright Policy

    After the manuscript is accepted by the journal, the authors need to sign the “Copyright Transfer Agreement” with the Editorial Office of Basic & Clinical Medicine. The copyright of the manuscript will be transferred to the Editorial Office and the copyright belongs to the Editorial Office. However, the authors have the right to use their articles under the Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) adopted by the journal.

    The above-mentioned "Copyright Transfer Agreement" can be found in the “Author Center”→“Download page on this website.

    6.    Authorship Criteria

    All authors are required to fill in and sign the form of “Author Contribution Statement” provided by the journal to declare their individual contribution to the article, and they must have materially participated in the research or article preparation. All authors should have made substantial contributions in the following aspects: conception and design of the study, acquisition of data, analysis and interpretation of data; drafting the article or revising it critically for important intellectual content; or final approval of the version to be submitted.

    Changes to authorship: For manuscripts with multiple authors, if the first author is not the corresponding author, a note should be made. Any addition, deletion, or rearrangement of author names in the authorship list should be made before the manuscript is accepted. To request such a change, the corresponding author must specify the reason for the change in the author list and send the letter of confirmation from all authors to the Editorial Office to indicate that every author agrees to the change. When adding or removing authors, the confirmation letter should also include the acknowledgments of the added or removed authors.

    7.    Declaration of Interest

    Authors are required to fill in and sign the “Conflict of Interest Statement” provided by the journal to disclose the conflicts of interest. A conflict of interest may exist when an author (or the author’s institution or employer) has financial or personal relationships or affiliations that could influence (or bias) the author’s decisions, work, or manuscript. Authors should also disclose conflicts of interest with products that compete with those mentioned in their manuscript.

    8.    Correction and Retraction Policy

    Unless otherwise stated, articles published online or in print by Basic & Clinical Medicine are considered the final version, and we generally do not accept requests for correction or retraction. However, the Editorial Office would adopt corrections or retractions on published articles in the following cases:

    Correction: If it is found that there are unintended scientific errors in the article, which would not lead to significant impacts on the results and conclusions of the article, the Editorial Office will publish corrections in the journal as soon as possible, detailing changes made to the original article and indicating the source of the article. The journal will release the corrected new version of the article and specify changes to the original article and the date of the update. In addition, the superseded version will also be archived. Readers can obtain it directly, but only the latest version of the article should be used for citation.

    Retraction: In the following cases, the Editorial Office would retract published articles and issue retraction statements:

    1) If an article is found to have severe scientific errors, which makes the results and conclusions of the article unreliable;

    2) For article suspected of academic misconduct, such as plagiarism and data falsification, the Editorial Office will initiate an investigation and issue a statement to inform readers of the risks associated with the article. After completion of investigation, the results of the investigation will be made public. If it is confirmed that the article involves academic misconduct, the Editorial Office will retract the article and issue a retraction statement.

    9.    Digital Archiving Policy

    Articles published in Basic & Clinical Medicine since 2009 have been digitally archived in the journal’s official website. Print copy and digital copy of all issues are archived in the Editorial Office. All other relevant information, such as author’s additional information and forms during submission, are also archived in the Editorial Office.

    In addition to archiving on the journal website, all articles published in the history of Basic & Clinical Medicine are stored in the databases of CNKI, Wanfang Data, Chongqing VIP, Chaoxing, National Sci. & Tech Academic Journal Open Access Platform (National Engineering and Technology Digital Library), etc. We also allow authors to deposit all versions of their articles in an institutional or other repository of the authors’ choice. However, it is necessary to indicate the published information in the metadata of institutional or other repository and use it as a recommended way of citation.

    10. Charging Standards

    Review FeeThe review fee is 100 CNY per article. No fee will be charged for manuscripts that do not pass the preliminary review.

    Publication Fee: After the manuscript is accepted, the Editorial Office will charge the author for publication fee. The publication fee is 600 CNY / 2000 characters.

    Urgent Publication Fee: In case of urgent publication, the Editorial Office will charge additional urgent publication fee according to the quality of the manuscripts and authors’ time requirements. Generally, the fee is 1000 CNY to 2000 CNY.

    11.  Other Information for Authors

    After submission, authors are not allowed to submit their manuscripts to other journals. If the author decides to resubmit the manuscript to another journal or withdraw the submission, please notify the Editorial Office. The Editorial Office generally sends the result of submission within 2 months after receiving the review fee.

    Authors who receive the notification of revising manuscripts would have 2 months to complete the revision. If the time for the author to revise the manuscript exceeds the time limit, the manuscript will be considered as withdrawn.

    After the article is accepted, the Editorial Office will send the remuneration and 2 copies of the current issue as a gift to the author.


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