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Mobiliztion and recruitment of very small embryonic-like stem cells in Focal Cerebral Ischemia mouse


  • Received:2010-11-11 Revised:2011-02-18 Online:2011-11-05 Published:2011-11-02

Abstract: Abstract:Objective To investigate the mobilization of bone marrow very small embryonic-like stem cells(VSEL-SCs) into peripheral blood (PB)and its ’recruitment to the infarcted brain tissues in focal cerebral ischemia mouse.Methods: MCAO model was induced by using the filament occlusion method.G-CSF, the CXCR4 specificity antagonist AMD3100 and combilation used were seperatedly injected to MACO model.Neurological scale were evaluated . The number of VSEL-SCs mobilized into PB was check by fluorescence-activated cell sorting analysis( FACS ) . The level of SDF-1 in plasma and cerebral tissue were checked by ELISA assay . Expression of SDF-1 in the regions of ischemia were checkd by immuncytochemistry. Results: the neurological scale of G-CSF treated group significantly diseaseed compared with the control group (P<0.05), AMD3100 showed no significantly effect.All three operated groups mobilized more VSEL-SCs into PB compared with the control group,the effective sequence is AMD300 combine with G-CSF, AMD300, G-CSF. The plasma SDF-1 density significantly incresed in G-CSF group at 72h and 108h (P<0.05)while AMD300 and A+G group show stronger effect at all three time point(24h,72h,108h). Positive correlation can be seen between the number of VSEL-SCs mobilized into PB and the SDF-1 plasma concentration .The SDF-1 level of cerebral tissue were significantly incresed in G-CSF group and the expression of SDF-1 in ischemia region were much stronger in G-CSF group and A+G group.Conclusion: G-CSF and AMD3100 mobilized VSEL-SCs in adult MACO mouse bone marrow into periphril blood. The mechanism of beneficial effects of G-CSF possibly related to increasement of SDF-1 expression in the infarcted tissues and recruitment of more VSEL-SCs through CXCR4/SDF-1 axis . Key Words:very small embryonic-like stem cells ;Bone marrow stem cells; mobilization; ischemic stroke

Key words: very small embryonic-like stem cells , Bone marrow stem cells, mobilization, ischemic stroke

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